Download iHeartRadio for Mac


Latest gadgets now have become a most common need to everyone as no one can live without smart technology these days. Papers have been replaced by computer; telephones have been replaced by smartphones and technology is enhanced digitally. Quite fascinating for many people to know that there are very less tasks that smartphones cannot perform […]

Download Retrica for Mac – Get It For Free !


Conventional cameras have improved with the growing years in terms of quality, a few camera settings and a few capabilities like front cameras. But editing now a days is more than important for everyone these days. While some try to make their photos look more attractive, others prefer editing to showcase their mood within that. […]

Instagram for Mac – Free Download


Sharing photos/videos and spreading the message through them is the new brainy. Gone are the days when the social media used to be ruled through text status and long paragraphs describing one’s experience. Developers have redefined the outlook of social media and have constant brought irresistible changes to it. Instagram provides a seamless way to […]

Twickets for Mac – Download For Free


Technology has changed the way of living of almost everybody around. From shopping to watching movies, from playing games to watching our favorite daily soaps, there has been a drastic change to our lives. If you had to watch a movie a decade ago, you must go to the theatres hours before to get advanced […]

Download Audible for Mac

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Invention of latest technological gadgets has been simplifying our lives ever since. From talking to people, to booking tickets to have access to music videos and documents has become tremendously easy with computers and smartphones. Innovative applications have paved their way into smartphone’s brain to simplify every task. Audible at this moment comes as a […]

Download IMO for Mac


If we live like the 90’s in the modern day world, it would be utterly difficult indeed. There is no chance nowadays that one can spend their time without phones, video games, chatting and exclusive facilities on the go. Talking over the phone and texting have become quite costly, thanks to our service providers. But […]

Download Candy Crush Soda for Mac


It used to be a field of some repetitive games and monotony with the great game play. Smartphones have drastically altered the perception about almost everything that there is no such thing exists related with software and applications which could not be found on phone. A few years back, their popped a game Candy Crush […]

Download BlueStacks for Mac


Your Mac comes pre installed with Apple’s latest OS which has built in apps for almost all day to day tasks. And where it cannot help, you will get a rich collection of professional software to help you out. However, there is one aspect where your Mac surely loses out and it is Apple’s own […]