Downlaod Nox App Player – Free


Nox App Player is an application, which supports Android environment for windows and Mac desktops/Laptops. It gives an exciting experience while playing Android Apps and Games on PC. With this application, you can play games and access other important apps on bigger screen. Nox Android Emulator recent version supports playing Pokemon GO, which is presently […]

Download Xender, File Transfer And Sharing For Windows


Regular developments in the field of data transfer and file sharing has been impressive and has brought tremendous advancement in terms of number of files transferable and transfer speeds. The earliest forms of transfers were infrared, which was slow, which demands physical connection of devices for successful transfer. In present day, Bluetooth plays a vital […]

Pandora Radio For PC – Free Download!


Streaming music online can often be a difficult task, and getting latest songs to a playlist without downloading was not possible to some point of time. Pandora Radio aims to create an application that lets the user discover and find music from any genre, any artists by a few searches and touches. Pandora Radio basically […]

Flixster for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP) – Free Download!


Not many people of the smartphone owners are aware that smartphones can be used for more interesting purposes than just playing some stereotypical games and using messenger applications. Numerous applications have been developed to suit users’ day-to-day needs and entertainment purposes. Flixster is that kind of an application, which brings unlimited movies, latest movies on […]

Flipboard For PC – Free Download!


It is often noticed that we tend to have particular interests and topics that intrigue us a lot. It is human tendency to go through latest updates and history of the topics they love to read, write or listen about. Flipboard marks its entry in similar fashion, that acts as a social network aggregator, that […]

PicsArt for PC – Free Download!


As mentioned by a famous magazine,” Picsart transforms your phone into a world of art”.  Picsart is a cross platform photo editing tool that gives capabilities of doing almost everything in a picture by mere touches on the device screen. Picsart is a socializing community too, which has been growing briskly, which performs as an […]

Superbeam for PC – Free Download


Data storage and data transfer have gone through unbelievable change in the past decade, and it would have been quite impossible to think about the types of mediums of data transfer these days. Transferring data from one device to another started off with the infrared technology, where it was the key to keep both the […]

Retrocam for PC – Download for Free!


Had there been a scenario a decade ago, the use of photo editors and professional photo editing was restricted to large companies, and only to computer systems. But come this age of smartphones, in the world of numerous photos, selfies, Instagram love and social stature, photos play a very important role. To create mesmerizing effects […]