Download Mortal Kombat X for Mac


Games for smartphones have grown considerably, when we talk in terms of number and genre. Developers have worked hard to bring about every type of game possible in front of users and have got subsequent success. The only thing that that has changed over time are improved graphics, better user interfaces and connectivity around the […]

Download Kingdom Rush for Mac for Free


Video games occupy a special place in people’s heart, moving far away the restrictions like age or gender. Different genre games create a different level of enthusiasm every now and then. It has been long since games within the genres of sports, adventure and puzzles have become stereotypical and repeated. What brings new and fresh […]

Sonic Dash for Mac – Free Download


Video games were an integral part of one’s life if it was 10 years ago. What occupies majority of today’s life for youngsters are fast paced smartphones and mind boggling games that have attained a much greater mantle over conventional video games. Talking about present day games, if games like Subway Surfer and Temple Run […]

Download Dead Trigger 2 for Mac


If counter strike and unreal tournament have been your favorite PC games, and you wish to own them on your smartphone, Dead Trigger 2 could be the next sensation that can blow your mind. Designed to fit into the arcade gaming section, this sci-fi expedition takes the player into a separate world where all we […]

94% for Mac – Get For Free!

94pc (2)

Sometimes it is not easy to answer simple and easy questions. What we mean to say is that it becomes utterly impossible to get to the correct, concrete answers to the simplest questions. 94% is a flagship of Scimob, the people who invented mind boggling games including 94 seconds and 94 degrees. The game involves […]

Temple Run 2 for Mac – Free Download!


We all have seen the evolution of video games from a long time. The evolution in mobile games has been spectacular. From simple snake and brick games to cricket games, we’ve seen it all. A major breakthrough came in this field with the introduction of the game Temple Run, an endless running arcade game in […]

Download Need For Speed No Limits for Mac

nfsmw (1)

When the mobile gaming was evolving, all what racing games consisted of a few games comprising of some fictitious cars and boring races. With the incoming of EA Sports into the gaming world, things have been altered quite a lot. Need for Speed No Limits is a flagship of the Need for Speed series controlled […]