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94% for Mac – Get For Free!

by boris

Sometimes it is not easy to answer simple and easy questions. What we mean to say is that it becomes utterly impossible to get to the correct, concrete answers to the simplest questions. 94% is a flagship of Scimob, the people who invented mind boggling games including 94 seconds and 94 degrees. The game involves answering the simplest questions in seconds, such as ‘The first thing we do in the morning?’ Not only does the game intrigue the user to answer the questions briskly, it also opens up strangled chords of our brains. The aim of the game is quite simple, answer 94% of the questions correctly. Simple, and easy to learn, the game is very addictive.

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Though the game is simple, one can be able to answer many unanswered questions about themselves. Questions are based on expressions, words, regular activities and photos. Apart from everything mentioned above, a prerequisite to all of this is a smartphone. And not owning a smartphone can make you have to some work out to earn this game. If you are an owner of a Mac, the game is not far away from you. All you need is Bluestacks, the Android application player which can run every application present on Google Play Store. A virtual Android environment is created which makes it possible for a user to access Android apps. Not that it simply runs application, it also provides a larger screen, increased controls and feasibility. BlueStacks is not something alien and isn’t difficult to master. We provide with stepping stones to kick off Bluestacks.

Downloading Complete 94% for Mac:

  1. Download the setup file for Bluestacks.
  2. Run the setup file which pops open an installation wizard for BlueStacks. The wizard defines all the required steps involved in the process. Follow the steps to successfully install the software to Mac.
  3. Open Bluestacks. Once files are loaded, the software’s home page appears similar to an Android phone. Unlock the home page and look for the search tab. On finding it, type ‘94%’ and wait for results.
  4. The list of related applications is shown, where one can find the requisite application. Click on install to start the installation process.
  5. The application gets auto installed in Bluestacks and is available for use in the My Apps toolbar for applications. It can also be found on home screen for quicker access. Start answering simple questions related to everyday life.

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94% Game, 100% Fun:

The game does not involve exceptional interfaces or tremendous gameplay. It simply relates the player to identifying themselves and things we do every day. The agenda of the game is to get at least 94% of the questions correct. With countless questions to answer, 94% is a good way to discover little things around us, accompanied by joyous moments.

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