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Angry Birds Epic for PC

by boris

Angry birds first came into being in 2009, and did not move a stone as such. But with continuous advancements and interesting stories introduced in the game, it became one the top most selling games around the world. The concept of variably ‘Angry’ birds firing themselves at notorious pigs for some of the other mischiefs, the game’s abstract base paved its way into the modern world games. Every year, the developers of Angry Birds launch a new version of the game with a new adventure built within. The latest of them is ‘Angry Birds EPIC’. This launch is most recent release with its compatibility with almost every smartphone OS today, some of them being Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows.


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All the hype makes one go and get the game right away. But when you don’t own a smartphone, the craze and eagerness to play may fade away. Some keen developers have come up with an abstract way to give life to those not owing a smartphone, or precisely, not owing an Android device. A software called BlueStacks has been created to inculcate the facilities of an Android device into a personal computer. This means that BlueStacks is an Android app player which primarily helps in accessing any Android app on a computer system. Not everyone know about the existence of such a software, and those who know often are devoid of the knowledge of using it. Here is guide to getting Angry Birds EPIC for PC.

Guide To Angry Birds Epic for PC:

  1. Get the software called BlueStacks. It can be downloaded from here!
  2. The download link provides a setup file to the user, which has to be run to install BlueStacks.
  3. On completing the setup process using the installation wizard, the software BlueStacks gets installed.
  4. Open BlueStacks and find the search bar icon. Once the bar is found, type in the application name which you desire to download. In our case, we type ‘Angry birds epic’.
  5. On finding the suitable application, click on the install button to get going with Angry Birds.
  6. When the process gets completed, the game can be accessed from the main screen of the BlueStacks, or can be found in the listings of My Apps.


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What’s So EPIC in Angry Birds Epic?

The features of the new Angry Birds do seem epic. With the launch of new worlds, the adventure to conquering the rule of green headed scoundrels becomes even more interesting. New and keen heroes have been introduced in the game, so are new villains, some of them being Price Porky and Wiz Pig. Not only the characters, but upgrades have been made to almost everything, from weapons, battles to new kinky humor with silly costumes and quirky comments. The game gets a whole new epic era of angry birds into tablets and phones, also making its way to PCs too!

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