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Avast Free Antivirus Software Free Download

by boris

Now that the internet is thronged by several free antivirus programs, choosing the most appropriate one is a pain staking job. Not that it is unknown, yet the quest for the best ends when one lands upon Avast free antivirus software package, meant for both PC’s and Android based devices.

It is commonly held that Avast is one of the primary three software systems in the free antivirus scenario, with AVG and Avira following closely. However, Avast scores above many others on grounds of novel and useful features, proven useful to many till date.

If seen carefully, the Avast Store is replete with a number of paid-for features, yet the amazing thing is that there lies no pressure for paying anything. Here’s taking a look at what accounts for the software’s growing popularity.


Smart Interface

This is by far one of the smartest and user-friendly interfaces that has taken a liking among most web browsers. With option buttons arranged at the left hand side and the main panel consisting of status information alongside selection controls, all that one can say looking at it is clean.

Optimum Scans

There’s no trouble setting up quick scans, custom scans and the likes in order to check for versions of those applications that are installed on the system and also helps in keeping them updated. As most people know that Avast offers the best protection against all possible attacks like spyware, malware and system junks. With the addition of the enhanced scans, the chances of these attacks that often played active roles in outdated software packages are reduced to bare minimum.

Aside that, network protection scan helps in detecting router security issues. There are plenty of security bonus tools, all of which aid in complete scanning of malicious URL’s, multiple browser plug-ins and more.

The Phenomenon called ‘Grimefighter’

Another great thing about SmartScan is running the ‘GrimeFighter’ tool. The latter is responsible for detecting how much of ‘unnecessary junk’ is loaded in the PC. Though services of the software are free, getting complete service from this entails shelling out some money, which is actually quite worth it.

Quick Access Panels

The four quick access panels linking to Software Update, Home Network Security, SecureLine VPN and Browser Cleanup can’t be missed. There’s a menu link in every panel. This allows one to change the panel’s link to either of the 13 security components present.

Complete Protection

That is precisely why most users praise for Avast antivirus software package. As per the studies and tests conducted, Avast showed the best results after its installation and running and detecting grave issues. While there are many other contenders that displayed an outcome slightly better than it, the free version of 2015 is a potent one in stopping suspicious downloads, checking in files and folders and doing away with several other junk aspects.

What holds the attraction among most users is that the 2015 version’s results have been by far the best in recent history. No wonder, in the days to come, Avast will surpass its own boundaries and provide a solid reason to be availed by a large section of the web community.

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