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AVG Free AntiVirus – Download AVG Antivirus for Free

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AVG AntiVirus Free is an antivirus software used for security of the systems. The Free version of AVG AntiVirus includes antivirus engine, file shredders and link protection. It is a trusted and reliable antivirus and antispyware protection software for Windows. In addition, the newly included LinkScanner is an added advantage for checking the web pages for threats and security of clicking the malicious links.


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  • It is an award winning antivirus software
  • Real time security of surfing and searching on internet
  • Easy installation and utility
  • Proven quality by over 80 million users
  • Strong protection from spyware and viruses
  • Good compatibility with Windows 7, XP and Vista.


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Security with bonus:

AVG AntiVirus fulfils the security needs with powerful scanning engine and behaviour tracking tool, email and link scanner. The suite is also compatible with the new AVG Zen which allows to check Android, Mac and other devices. The scans can also be scheduled to view malware reports and trouble shoot the same.

Intuitive design:

The design of AVG AntiVirus is very intuitive as it has large overlay buttons with separate categories of tools and quick toggle buttons. The easy access for navigation and traditional mouse keyboard can be used conveniently by the users.

Strong protection:

AVG AntiVirus has score 96 percent in real world protection in comparative report of September 2014. The continuous improvements in antivirus detection engine and strong protection has ranked the software amongst top antivirus software’s.


Busy user interface:

AVG AntiVirus has large submenu which have so many extraneous icons and it requires a license upgrade to improve the user interface. The submenu icons provides options over the functional buttons.

Aggressive marketing:

It has been noticed that the application program have very aggressive model of marketing to upgrade into paid version. There are so many features grayed out to indicate the availability of certain options in paid version.

Bottom Line

AVG AntiVirus has well designed security tool kit with improved antivirus engine. While the busy layout of program is indicated but underlying features shows considerable improvements and has shown outperforming results over the competitors. AVG’s Zen is also considered as a boon as it manages multiple devices at the same time.

Publisher’s Description

AVG AntiVirus continued to deliver essential security services for antivirus and antispyware protection by simply detecting and eliminating the viruses on PC and blocking the infected links. The enhanced privacy features, improved core engine and new cloud-based detection method, it has gained maximum responses of customers in the market. The accuracy detection and protection has also been improved with improved scanning of files in the system. The application is clean, simple and effective and ensures the complete protection of system from internal and external sources.

Change Log

The updated version of AVG AntiVirus has better arrangements of text within the user interface with email scanner components. It has also fixed the issue of email scanner for specific customer server settings with blocking emails and improved on the anti-root kit compatibility with Windows 10.

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