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CCleaner For Windows – Free Download

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When it comes to protection of privacy or making the PC function in a smoother way, you probably require a revolutionary tool like CCleaner. Since its inception in 2003, Piriform’s CCleaner has been a reliable utility program that ensures security of computers from malicious files within the system responsible for blocks in working. CCleaner as an effective cleaning software is now considered a must have for safe browsing.


Increasing Popularity of CCleaner

CCleaner is favoured by most web browsers for it has never faltered in performing its bit. Whether novices or experts, trusting the software has brought about endless benefits to many. The relatively simple UI and powerful cleaning helps operating systems of most computers stay free from obstructions. No wonder, CCleaner has won international acclaim and been a recipient of renowned awards like the Editor’s Choice Award (April, 2009) by CNET.

Reasons That Makes It A Hot Favourite

Reasons that have catapulted CCleaner to fame are largely owing to the benefits it has brought about. Here’s taking a look at them:

Organized interface

The simple yet intuitive interface of CCleaner is easy to operate. There are tabs in a side panel performing the functions expected of it. The upper region shows system info while the leftover space has options to be handled.

Quicker start-up

At the time of starting the computer, a large number of programs operate at the background. With this software, the unnecessary programs get disabled, which ultimately helps in working faster on the computer.

Minimal system resources

It is understandable that monitoring the system resources is a tad difficult. Given the speed with which it runs and the quality it generates, running on a number of configurations is a cakewalk.

Getting rid of junk files

With the help of ‘Cleaner’ feature, a number of unused or spam files that occupy a significant portion of disc space can be got rid of. Besides, there are other documents, passwords, cookies, installations or auto complete history, all of which can be easily removed.

Fixing broken registries

Aside the problematic files, fixing registry issues constitute a vital function of CCleaner. Much like the cleaner, there are areas like missing shared DLLs, ordering of Start menu or Window services ActiveX or obsolete software and so on.

Reduced errors

As a result of fixing cluttered registries, broken settings or errors are reduced visibly. Naturally, chances of clashes are minimized. Thanks to the software’s registry cleaner that ensures stability of PC’s.

Safe Browsing

Now that cookies, malware and other risky issues are fixed with the help of CCleaner, confidentiality in browsing and safeguarding of identity is optimum.

Selecting The Correct Version

This quick and easy to use program keeps updating on a regular basis to suit the requirements of the web regulars. The latest released on June 25 this year is v5.07.5261 that comes with a host of features like improved Microsoft Edge cleaning, Windows 10 Delayed clean support, Google Chrome internet cache and session clearing, Firefox Web apps start-up management, Adobe Reader Dc cleaning and few other improvements.

In general, there are 3 versions- CCleaner Free, CCleaner Professional and CCleaner Professional Plus., Each of them have unique features, so one can choose depending on the need.

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