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Comodo Internet Security – Free Download

by boris

Comodo Internet Security is a free antivirus suite offered by Comodo. The package incorporates an antivirus scanner and firewall, the components of the program fulfill the basic standards of users’ needs. The program is a unique tool which gives your PC an integrated sandbox environment as well as acts like a desktop widget as per your requirements.


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Virtualized sandbox:

Not many antivirus scanners are found with a sandbox environment for running unknown application and Websites, however Comodo Internet Security walks through some extra miles by giving a virtualized environment for your PC, it looks like Chrome interface. The Comodo Internet Security is a program that offers you its own personalized and secure browser to surf those websites of which you are afraid of harming your computer. The program will help you accessing internet without changing the default settings of the desktop browser. This way your components of the browser are kept secure using this application.

Allocating Flags:

Comodo Internet Security showcases flagged items in a dynamic tree like structure having well-arranged branches, while other distinctive antivirus applications display the results in a series list. The flag applied on the various program are marked in two distinctive ways, either the program will be flagged as safe and important or it will get a vulnerable tag. This arrangement of the program makes it a simple to use application among users, it actively takes action against the unwanted flagged program and terminates them. . You can also take action other than just terminating the program, which is ignoring, labeling as false for the further alert, or directly applying the cleaning action to it.

Malware Detection:

Users of the program have rated the performance as 5 on 6. The score itself say all, you can trust on the solution offered by the program in the field of internet security. The highest rating of Comodo Internet Security also put itself in the list of topmost internet security enabled programs. The ordinary and simple look of program’s user interface makes it extraordinary in the market.


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What you may not like in the Program?

So many Prompts:

On making the first installation of the application, Comodo Internet Security prompts you about everything it feels unsafe with respect to your PC. You will find out an unending list of prompts and warnings as the program will make a quick and complete scan for unsafe data processing. On the positive side, once the program establishes a comfortable and safe zone in your system, there will not be raised any critical issue then in the program.

Bottom Line:

The Comodo internet Security can be an ideal program to protect your PC from malware infection or similar other security threats. The integrated virtual browser pleases you to manage the safe zone of the system despite accessing unsafe websites with your PC. Though you will find the program bit aggressive with respect to the performance but it will keep the system safer.

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