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CuteFTP – Free Download for PC and Mac

by boris

CuteFTP is a very efficient application and FTP client for transferring the files securely and reliably. It conducts the file transfer with specified industry protocols such as HTTP, FTP, HTTPS, FTPS, SSH, etc. The application has increased performance, power and security. CuteFTP also provides easy to use tools for completing the complex file transfer challenges related to data management. It also helps in achieving the GLBA, HIPAA and other important compliances.


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  • Enhanced security with FTP, HTTP, Secure Shell
  • Encryption and decryption through OpenPGP
  • Automation process
  • Better protection with password manager
  • OTP authentication protocol
  • Quick and automated files transfers
  • Safe backup and synchronization of sites
  • Fast scheduling process
  • Easy monitoring of local files and folders
  • Saves time by saving macros and scripts
  • Creates Podcast RSS feeds and better audio files management.

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Easy To Use

The software is very easy to use because of familiarity with Windows users. It has logical menus and structured interface. The variety of wizards simplifies the processes in organized manner.

Help Menu

The help menu of application has various support options and it provides comprehensive details about usability of application.

Setup Process

The application can be installed easily and the installation process is also vey quick.

Connectivity And Transfers

After installation of program, the connection wizard is shown at first site. It offers the user to set up manual connection for accessing tailored featured for FTP connection according to the needs of users. The concurrent transfers can be controlled for transfers. The users can also opt the FTP scheduler option for automating the transfer process and allows the backup and synchronization of sites.

Protocols And Proxies

The application supports large number of protocols such as FTP, TLS, SSL, HTTP, SSH which covers most of the requirements.

Enhanced Security

CuteFTP has special security features as it recommends users to utilize BlowFish for encryption of Site manager. It enhances the security of file transfers. The security options also include SSL with security certificates for encryption of data while transferring the files. The secure login is also enabled with One Time Password authentication within the application.

Publisher’s Description

CuteFTP has become the favourite FTP client across the world with various performance improvements and addition of various key features. It has high level security and enhanced the mobility to global communication. The application works effectively to differentiate itself from similar applications in the field. The main focus of CuteFTP is on the enhanced security, several wizards and structured user interface. The application can easily be used by naïve users and even by advanced users.

Change Log

The recent version of application has added support for file date parsing from Windows FTP server. It has also improved network failures while transferring via SFTP. Various discreet issues has been resolved. Windows 7 and Windows 2000 Server compatibility issues are also resolved. The application has corrected the disappearance of scheduled jobs after TE restart. It has enhanced the mechanism of SFTP connection to work with various SFTP servers which are non-RFC compliant.

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