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Defraggler – Free Download

by boris

Defraggler is a utility application with the purpose of defragmenting files and folders. It also keeps a close check on the performance and health of SSDs and disc drives. It is fully compatible with multiple versions and platforms. The application has an interactive map of drivers which is supported by NTFS, FAT32 file systems. It has quick options of defragging within the explorer. It also has a Quick Optimize option for effective viewing of disc and running the operations and better file detection in the system. It has wide variety of defragging tools which enables the user to guide through the files and folders to be defragmented. The application read and write the files with special techniques. The defragmentation is very safe through this application and make the drive organized. The interactive drive maps are also very helpful and indicated the spaces and blocks with defragmentation requirements.


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  • Easy and quick process.
  • Quick Optimize option helps in speedy detection of files and folders according to the requirement of users.
  • The application also has an option of Quick Defrag for better accessibility of users
  • Multi-language support.
  • Boot time defrag is also possible in the system files.
  • Defragmentation can also be scheduled in set time intervals.
  • Frequent defragmentation will improve the performance of system.
  • Organizes the disc space.


  • The application can replace the in-built tool for defragmentation as it is very handy for users.
  • Exceptional features of application such as Quick Defrag, Quick Optimize are very helpful.
  • High speed of application for organizing the disc space.
  • Benchmarking the performance of disc according with health options.


  • The only disadvantage of application is that the frequent defragmentation reduces the life of SSDs.

Bottom Line

Defraggler has numerous utilities for enhancing the performance of system and organizing the disc in well manner. Moreover, it is a free application and can be used without much experience. It enhances the performance of system and quite better than the in-built tool for defragmentation purposes in the system.

Publisher’s Description

The application has main task of defragmenting the necessary files and folders, improves overall performance of system and organizes the space in disc for better utilization. The utilities and features for defragmentation is excellent in this application and caters to the requirement of users. The utility of drive map also indicates the empty spaces and blocks for required files and folders defragmentation. The schedule interval can be opted by user to conduct frequent defragmentation of files and folders and organize the disc space in regular manner. The minor issues with the application can be skipped as it serves the utility of defragmentation with excellent options and features.

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Change Log

The updated version of application has new options of moving the files and folders. The disabling of benchmark option is also given in new version after conducting the process of defragmentation. The options of SSD optimize and Quick optimize have added functionalities. Localized support is also added for better support. The application has also improved graphic user interface and fixed some minor bugs.

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