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Download Adobe Photoshop for Free

by boris

Adobe Photoshop provides ability to work more productively and unrivaled power of editing with utilization of breakthrough tools. It allows the user to create high dynamic range of images, from black and white and panoramas. It also allows retouching of images with excellent ease and control. Adobe Photoshop is an amazing editing software with great speed and numerous tools. The ideas can be drawn expressively and intuitively by creating videos. The software provides speed, power and freedom to make incredible images.


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Features and Support

The Adobe Photoshop has new advanced features for enhancing the creative world. The new features are sharpening tools, improved camera RWA, enhanced PDF support, streamlined interface, better control and print options, better management of Adobe Bridge. The other advanced tools such as Clone source palette, smart filters, vanishing point and bright/contrast are also introduced for enhancement in the software.

Mini Bridge

This is a functional version of Adobe Photoshop which speeds up the process and jumps out of the main interface of Photoshop.  It directly affects the workflow of the users and can be re-sized and moved across the windows as required by user.

Automatic Lens Correction

This benefit of Adobe Photoshop has an added advantage for editing purposes. The time consuming process of removing the barrel, pincushion distortion, dark corners, colored fringes and edges of images chromatic aberration can be done in an easy manner with this option.

High Dynamic Range

This processing tool is greatly enhanced and merged with HDR panel for improvement in selected image. This option works fairly and expected to provide best image results.

Content Aware Fill

This option improves ability of Adobe Photoshop to replace the part of an image with derived pixels from nearby noise, colours and tones.

Enhanced 3D tools

The enhancement in 3D tools is a notable feature for streamlining the process of concerting the 2D artwork into 3D. It also provides various options for altering the design and reduce the workflow in a considerable manner.


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Installation and Setup

The installation of Adobe Photoshop is quite easy and straightforward for users. It requires an Adobe account and then, the user can choose to purchase license key which will be received through e-mail and 30 day trial program can be used.

Change Log

The recent changes in the software is the plug-in tools in the menu. The raw processing of images has also been advanced with better quality with various tool enhancements. The complicated process of straightening images has also been replaced with straighten button in the toolbox. The cropping tool has also been advanced with overlay grid to set the crop boundaries. The opacity can also be changed with multi-layers at a time which allows creation of transparent layers and layer masks within the settings of software.

Bottom line

Adobe Photoshop has expanded its tools to manipulate the images in best ways and the new features of image editing such as High Dynamic range, automatic lens corrections and other advanced editing tools has made significant improvement in creating the images. The software is a professional image editing software with great to awesome features for making your image stand out!

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