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Download Apache OpenOffice for PC

by boris

Apache OpenOffice is a program that is fully highlighted as an office suite that comes as a more reasonable alternative for the prominent MS Office. It brings elective solutions for every major program packaged into Microsoft’s own one of a kind suite that indicates that you can move to this application regardless of the fact that you are a devotee of MS Word, Excel, Power Point or Access.

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Complex setup process and obvious GUI

The installer of the program permits you to set up the part you require specifically by essentially selecting them, this is intended in this way became it is critical to check twice before settling on your decisions on it blindly. Very simple after you get used to the menus and the functionalities found. Of course, it may be somewhat overwhelming for new users, however it is just the way such an unpredictable application may associate with its clients.

Investigating all the different devices available to you

“Essayist” is a portion of the suit that can make an immediate swap of Microsoft Word. It accompanies spell checking, it permits you to embed tables, pictures, records or diagrams into new archives, change organizing, fabricate macros, switch to another dialect or even introduce augmentations from the same rich interface.

Apache Open office has a program known as “Calc”, it is similar as Excel and it has everything you need, be it spreadsheet capacities, channels, structures, outlines and drawings. Notwithstanding that the “Awe” part challenges PowerPoint and depends on a wide collection of implicit activities and impacts to make your presentations additionally engaging.


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Well Designed Interface:

There is a drawback of the application that is the less developed interface, other office suites you may find better in comparison to the apache though it is more effective than those all in terms of services it offers. Yet, the interface of the updated version of the program is still better than its previous one. One of the best feature of the program is that it enables you to introduce new templates and extensions within the program, which improvises the overall accessibility of the program.


The program offers support to several different media formats.

All the different components of the program are integrated greatly and offer effective response to your PC.

The interface of the program is well arranges and simple to utilize.

The program also offers innovative and robust templates and extensions for its interface and web browser respectively.


It takes up a lot of space.

The program has a huge size though can take more space in your computer system.

It is not enabled with any email program.

Conclusion and execution.

Apache Open Office is an effective and dependable bit of programming which contains all the important instruments to wind up your office suite of decision. It runs entirely smooth even on more established PCs, without popping blunders or solidifying, while the interface may appears to be very commonplace and in this way, easy to handle.

The setup procedure is additionally conceivable, point of interest of WinPenPack’s versatile release for this system, called X-ApacheOpenOffice.

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