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by boris

Invention of latest technological gadgets has been simplifying our lives ever since. From talking to people, to booking tickets to have access to music videos and documents has become tremendously easy with computers and smartphones. Innovative applications have paved their way into smartphone’s brain to simplify every task. Audible at this moment comes as a book listening application, basically a medium through which people can actually listen to books on the go, be it in train, or coming back from gym or on the way to office. A collection of astonishing 150 thousand books, this Amazon product delivers every book a user may need. Classic, best sellers, abstract genres, best writers, you name it, everything is available.

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Abstract ideas to make users access books and providing a free user friendly platform at the same time, Audible takes its credibility to a higher level. The application is mobile specific and certain smartphones can download the same. People devoid of smartphone or phone without specific OS got to work a little harder to get access to Audible. The easiest way is to get Bluestacks downloaded in their Mac or PC. Bluestacks is a notebook specific software which help producing an Android environment temporarily. By doing so, one can run any Android application on the Mac. By using Bluestacks, the user can get any Android application with better RAM availability, bigger screen, vivid graphics and a better gameplay overall. Obviously it may seem alien to introduce such new software for amateur, but definitely not impossible. For the same reason, we provide a few steps to get started.

Downloading Audible for Mac:

  1. Download the setup for Bluestacks.
  2. Run the downloaded file as administrator which results in opening an installation wizard. Abide the steps listed by it and conclude with a successful installation of Bluestacks.
  3. Double click the shortcut icon for Bluestacks and wait till it loads files. The look and feel of it is quite similar to that of an Android device. Unlock the home screen and find a search bar. Type ‘Audible’ in the given space to look for the app on Google Play Store.
  4. From the search results, look for the required app and click on install to start downloading it. Sit back and relax till the application completes downloading and auto installs.
  5. Find the installed application i.e. Audible in the My Apps tab or on the home screen and get lost in midst of thousands of books.

Audible, Speaks Out Loud!

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Audible has created a stir in the field of book reading apps since it provides an unusual way of getting through with the books. By minimizing the time wastage and giving the users to actually ‘listen’ to book is a definite buy. Alongside this, features like parallel processing, like transferring and downloading other data, transferring books using Wi-Fi, buying books which aren’t listed in Audible and provision of navigating and bookmarking certain books brings life to it!

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