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by boris

Your Mac comes pre installed with Apple’s latest OS which has built in apps for almost all day to day tasks. And where it cannot help, you will get a rich collection of professional software to help you out. However, there is one aspect where your Mac surely loses out and it is Apple’s own offering – IOS devices like iPad and iPhone! These devices have ushered the era of mobile computing and they arguably pull the better dev teams to release the most relevant software! And this means no option to access the millions of apps and games on your Mac!


Enter Bluestacks!

You might be thinking that buying a smartphone or a tablet is the only way out but it is not. The other way is to use a software called Bluestacks. We are going to use the fact that almost all smartphone apps and games are available on rival Android platform as well and this will actually help us. Bluestacks is an emulation software that emulates the Android environment and lets you run any app or games for Android. Thus by a simple installation of the software, you will be up and running with all your smartphone apps and games on your Mac. However there are certain issues about software emulation you must know!

How Well Does It Work?

Software emulation implies software running on a virtual hardware i.e. hardware emulated by software. Thus it means certain performance penalty while running the apps and games. Here are some points to consider before installation.

  • Bluestacks is not officially available from the Mac Store and hence you need to enable software installation from untrusted sources to install the software.
  • Bluestacks lets you access Google play store to download the apps and games provided you have a Google account.
  • The app/game installation will happen inside the Bluestacks app and you need to launch it first to be able to run the app/game.
  • You should preferably not run heavy software in the background like video editors or 3D simulation software while running Bluestacks as it may affect the performance.
  • Always update to the latest version to get access to all apps and games.
  • The software really is free without any charge as it serves advertisements which helps it with the revenue.

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How Do You Install Apps?

When you first install Bluestacks, you will be required to set certain preferences and settings. It will also prompt you for your Google account ID and password – where you should provide one as it enables you to access Google’s play store from where you can download and install any game or app and even purchase from the store as well. The process thus becomes very simple for you to run any smartphone app or game without needing to buy yet another gadget.

Is this the only possible way? Definitely not, as shown by Windows 10 amd universal apps – which run everywhere. But since Apple does not provide such a model, Bluestacks is your best bet to run your favourite phone/tab apps and games.

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