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It used to be a field of some repetitive games and monotony with the great game play. Smartphones have drastically altered the perception about almost everything that there is no such thing exists related with software and applications which could not be found on phone. A few years back, their popped a game Candy Crush Saga from an unknown developer with no great ambitions as much it has gained gradually. Interestingly, the game hit highs with fabulous responses from the players. A game which aims to match similar types of candies together in distinct combos to achieve a predefined aim of the level, Candy Crush Saga made to the top grossing games. Candy Crush Soda is a sequel to the former with certain changes in modes, levels, types of candies and targets to each level.


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Features of Candy Crush Soda for Mac:

Candy Crush Soda lets the player enjoy the treats of its predecessor, and brings about vital changes in graphics and game play. Not that it is a mobile based game; it is justified to think that a higher mantle of satisfaction can be attained with certain brainy tricks. It seems beautiful to listen that Candy Crush Soda could be played on Mac and computers too. With Bluestacks, these possibilities actually come alive. Bluestacks is an Android Application Player designed to run every application present on Google Play Store, on systems like Mac and personal computers. Learning to use and master Bluestacks is not an uphill task. To ease down efforts for people, below are few steps to keep in mind before getting started.


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How to Play Candy Crush Soda for Mac | Download and What Comes After

  1. Click to find a setup file of Bleustacks and download.
  2. Run the downloaded executable file, let the setup wizard pop up and read the terms and conditions. Follow each and every step of the setup with changing any settings (for an interrupt free installation). This results in installing Bluestacks.
  3. Double click at the Bluestacks’ icon, which leads in driving the home screen to the user. Unlock it just like in Android device and find search toolbar. When found, write ‘Candy Crush Soda’ in the given space and click on enter.
  4. From the list shown by Bluestacks of possible applications, select the needed one and press install button. This starts the download process for Candy Crush.
  5. As the download is complete, installation will take several minutes depending upon the speed of internet. My Apps forder will be created at desktop and it will keep all the applications which are to played in Bluestacks.

Candy Crush Soda has experienced many noticeable changes as compared to previous version. News types of candies have been introduced, a set of new modes which are Soda & Frost has been released, featured combos like matching four candies in the shape of a square, or bring seven candies together are some features that signify the necessity and relevance of the new version.

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