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Daemon Tools Lite is a lighter program which enables you to create virtual drives within your machine. You can create maximum four number of partition with this program. You can likewise make essential disk images and also compress them to store the data to greater extent. Though Daemon tools lite is a slimmed version as compare to all the other more powerful Pro application yet it enables you to create virtual drives, disk image, compression and storage.


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According to the functionality of Daemon Tools Lite, it offers your PC a virtual biased environment for DVD ROM access, which uses a driver based inside your PC known as SCSI miniport. With this, you can manage maximum four number of DVD ROM drives. It is an incredible tool for notebook, as it do not have CD/DVD ROM drive and needs speed up access with CDs and DVDs. Inversely, like other CD and DVD-ROM emulators this program does not utilize only some common formats, but its utilizes a number of formats with its access. Here, the point of interest is, with this program you can create disk image and also burn the disk with important information. This such magnificent additional features you can utilize the program more effectively.

Daemon Tools Lite is compatible with multiple image formats. In addition to its features, it has a unique feature with which you can make create backup your data by burning the data into a CD or DVD whenever you are required.


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With this tool, virtual drives formation is possible.

The program offers great ease of use.

The program incorporates the well-known and strong securities for your machine.


The tools found in its menu need to be improvised more.

Daemon Tools Lite is a freeware for individual utilization. But, business users will be required to pay for a license use. The license version of Daemon has more enhanced features as compare to its free version Daemon lite. Daemon Tools Lite keeps a fine architecture of different useful plug-ns and a few of them enables you to create ISO image and also to handle more up to date secured and protected disk.

Users Point of View:

According the reviews given by users of Daemon Tools Lite, the program is really easy and impressive to use. They have liked it the most because it is available as a freeware to use. Many individuals use it as different option for due to the lite version being available for free. They found issues in only one section of the program that is adware shown besides the home screen. But this issue can be resolve during the installation of the program, you just can uncheck the option of adware installation and ultimately it will not bother or trouble you ever again till the end of time of use. Users who have purchased a netbook and as DVD-ROM is absent in the notebook, the program is troublesome for them to work with disks and drives.

Overall, the program is good for individual users and also there no subscription required in its lite version.

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