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Download Foxit Reader for Windows and Mac

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Foxit is essentially lighter and speedier program for your PC designed for reading files of pdf formats. The program carries genuine usefulness and really simple navigation. One of its greatest features is it accompanies a PDF printer for free, which permits you to print pdf files opened in the program. It underpins a couple of impressive feature like editing PDF files, however not each pdf file can be editing but most of them do. You have decide to make a choice between enhanced ribbon user interface and classic interface with a view of menu and toolbars. However, before you download, there are some essential points you need to through.


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It has a reviving and amazing new look in the ribbon interface mode. Particularly in the classic interface, all you will discover is your smooth and easy navigation without needing to take a glance at the manual. The tabs and tools are also worth noticing in the program.


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Taking Foxit Reader 6.0 into account, it will introduce adware into your PC’s internet browser, however it is up to you are permitting the installation of adware or avoiding while installing Fixit. To avoid the installation of adware, you can just uncheck the box asking the installation of adware. On the other hand if you are looking for opening file that contain Adobe Flash animated content or 3D CAD drawings, then Foxit is not going to help you, instead you will require Adobe Reader to access such content on your PC.


The Foxit reader is Faster and slimmer than Adobe Reader.

It Includes a PDF Printer for simple PDF creation.

Users Opinion

Your business relies on simple pdf records, and on pdf transformation to and from, MS Word. You will truly like Foxit reader, even recommend you friend and companions to try this program. But, when you attempt to utilize it for Departments for broadened utilization, for example, Labor reading: it fails. It couldn’t read the documents appropriately. From clients’ supposition, this way Foxit is a bit of irritating program. For business perspective, clients have decisively evaluated and voted for Acrobat 9.5 and with this, they work admirably well. For transformation, Smart PDF Creator is better than both. However, for the common and individual use, Foxit Reader has no substitute.

Distributer’s Way

Foxit Reader is an exceptionally valuable application with powerful features and expanded quality. It likewise contains pictures, designed texts and formats. Since, the Windows does not offer any support to view formatted text of pdf files, therefore, this is an impressive approach to see and edit PDF documents from Foxit Reader. It is a natural application which fulfils the desire of common people in a fair way and open the PDF records without annoying the users anymore, offers fascinating alternatives with quick access as well.

Updated Log

The new version of program comprises of cloud-based sharing for the users with more improvise security features, measurement of snap searching for pattern and clearer appearance is seen in the newly launched version.

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