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by boris

FrostWire is an open source sharing program for files and it is developed with the purpose of media player’s integration. The application allows user to enjoy complete functionalities of program. The application provides peer to peer services of file sharing and it also prevents the users from connecting to specific network for sharing the files. The application can access to all media and overview screen indicates the type of media files which can be shared. The easy and quick process of media player and downloads made the application popular in the market. Also, the faster process of downloads and files transferring adds up to the features of application for users.


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  • Open source and free software
  • Fully compatible with iTunes
  • Faster speed of application
  • Complete access of online chat rooms
  • Extensive support of BitTorrent
  • Improved skins
  • Assurance of no spyware and adware’s
  • Access to several connections


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Built-in Search – The application has inbuilt search as it connects with multiple search engines of torrent and websites such as YouTube and other popular connections. It finds the files searched by user in an integrated manner.

Fast downloads – It has very quick and easy process of downloads with few clicks. The desktop functionality of application works quite well and also, allows the user to preview the files before downloading. It reduces time of processing the application.

Media library access – The easy access to media library and media player is enabled to create and share playlists in the group.

Files sharing – The files can be shared easily over the network or Wi-Fi connections. The torrent can also be created for sharing the files across the world.

Free music downloads – The application allows users to have unlimited download of music. The users can browse their favourite music and share the music. The content reviews are also provided on FrostClick.com to inform the users about reviews of other people before downloading the music.


  • Library interface is quite unstructured
  • Application do not have capability of sorting through titles of artists and albums
  • It crashes at times and asks to force close the application.

Publisher’s Description

FrostWire is an excellent application and free for accessing all utilities. It is a featured BitTorrent client and downloader with media library and integrated media player. It also has access to built-in search for multiple trackers and websites, preview of downloads and selection of specific file formats. The desktop functionalities are also available within the application and it works tremendously. It is a great open source file sharing program in the field.

Change Log

The current version of application has fixed issues of Torrent settings and fixed the search issues in TorLock. It has considerable speed of fast source processing in the updated version. The problem of YouTube search are also fixed. The core update of libtorrent/jlibtorrent is updated. It has also fixed the issues of KAT search and EZTV search. It has also launched the new http engine for pooled connections with less memory and threads to enable fast and reliable search and downloads.

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