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Download Hetman Partition Recovery

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Hetman Partition Recovery will help to recover files from damaged and formatted partitions, and will restore the files that have been deleted.


Download Hetman Partition Recovery to your computer for free, because due to support of various file systems used on computers working under both Windows and Linux, this software enables recovery of files from hard disk drives, memory cards and USB drives formatted both in Windows and Linux. The utility itself work on computers with a Windows operating system.

  • License: Shareware
  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • Interface: Multilingual (English, German, France, Italian, Spanish and others).
  • Developer: Hetman Software
  • Support, blog

Detailed description

The program includes an easy-to-use wizard which helps the user to recover files and catalogues in a quick and safe step-by-step mode. Thanks to numerous built-in safety mechanisms and work in read-only mode, even the most inexperienced user could benefit from working with Hetman Partition Recovery. At the same time, powerful algorithms involved in Hetman Partition Recovery make it suitable for professional and commercial application.


A series of unique technologies is implemented in this program to allow confidential extraction of data from damaged and deleted partitions. In the process of file search using the context search technology, this product scans the entire disk surface or reads all contents of the flash drive disk. Then data is checked against the information from the built-in database that stores signatures typical for a variety of file formats. With the help of signature search, Hetman Partition Recovery can identify and recover image files, documents, archives, video files, texts and databases in over 500 formats.


Hetman Partition Recovery uses an enhanced security mode that allows working with well-worn, damaged and instable drives. In this mode, the program reduces the number of movement of magnetic read/write heads to a minimum. In the safe mode the program will read the entire contents of the device in a single linear read operation and save all the data into a disk image file. All further file recovery procedures will involve this saved disk image which excludes loss of data due to premature disk failure.

Another interesting feature of the product is preview mode for files that have been found. In preview mode, you can open a document, play musical or video piece, view a photo or look inside an archive. All these operations can be performed before the file is recovered. Preview mode is available in both pay version and free version of the product.

Editor Website : Hetman Partition Recovery

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