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by boris

If we live like the 90’s in the modern day world, it would be utterly difficult indeed. There is no chance nowadays that one can spend their time without phones, video games, chatting and exclusive facilities on the go. Talking over the phone and texting have become quite costly, thanks to our service providers. But does that stop you from going ahead and keeping in touch with your closed? IMO adds ice on the cake by providing the opportunity to its users to make free phone calls, free messages, and last but not the least, real time video calls. Everything of the mentioned comes in this exceptional application with minimum of hindrances. Everything what we desire a messaging app should contain is present in IMO.

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Having a smartphone and the capabilities to treat ourselves with free calls is incomparable. After we reach this level, an idea that hits hard is what if all these facilities could be employed to a Mac or a computer system? Yes we know how good and convenient it would be. For the same reason, some of the finest developers have worked together to bring us a software or a emulator called Bluestacks. What it does is that it creates a temporary Android OS in a Mac and lets the users get access to any Android app they may want to. Same graphics, an enlarged screen and a better processor to use the same apps is not a bad deal. All that matters is how well are we able to handle Bluestacks to our advantage. To get some basic idea about the software, here is a stepwise guide.


Kicking off with IMO for Mac

  1. Find the setup file for Bluestacks from any of the popular software providing website and download it to your Mac or just click to download Bluestacks here!
  2. Open the setup file as the administrator and get the permissions needed. What appears after that is a setup wizard. Read and follow the stepwise setup of Bluestacks to complete the process.
  3. Once the software is installed, it can be accessed from the shortcut created. It seems quite clear that Bluestacks possesses a pinch of similarity between its interface and the one on Android phones. Get started from the home screen by finding the search bar.
  4. On finding it, type ‘IMO’ and click on the search icon. Every possible result is listed from where we need to make choice of the required application. Open the selected application and hit Install when sure of its authenticity.
  5. The downloading starts, concluding with auto install of the app, find the app in My Apps option. What after that? Every communication is literally free!

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Wait Ends With IMO

Everything necessary is present in IMO, from the likes of lag free video calling to unlimited phone calling and messaging, sharing of media with friends and family including photos, videos and audios, you name it. Other attractive features include presence of numerous expressive stickers, possibility of encrypted phone calls and messages and group messaging sum up IMO’s greater possibilities.

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