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by boris

IntelliType is a unique application developed by Microsoft for enhanced utilities of keyboard. The application is compatible with Windows and Mac operating system in well manner. It is helpful for customizing the keyboard utilities and combines the functionalities of keyboard as desired by user. All types of keyboards are supported with the application. There might be some keyboards with advanced features and models which are not compatible with the application, however it is a very useful application for keyboard utilities. The application need to be installed appropriately for using the functions, controls and buttons and change the keyboard settings according to user requirements. Intellitype can be installed automatically without making any efforts of loading the drivers and updates in the system. The features of keyboard can be customized according to specific need of users. The assignment and reassignment of programs, keys and functions can be done in easy and quick manner. The specific commands and application specific functions can be performed according to keyboard settings within the application. Various keys can also be disabled according to user specifications. The keys are disabled to avoid the accidental pressing of keys like CAPS AND NUM LOCK, etc. The modifications can be done in keyboard settings. It also provides the zoom sliding and scrolling functionalities. Intellitype has added functionality support of biometrics and completes the keyboard utility tasks in efficient manner.

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  • Customized keyboard settings for specific system
  • Keyboard functionalities can be controlled efficiently
  • Scrolling rate can be changes
  • Exceptional keyboard features
  • Assignment and reassignment of keys according to specifications of user
  • Enables the user to have customized keyboard
  • Works even with wireless accessories


  • The application can be used efficiently with varied functionalities of keyboard
  • Easy and accessible customization features
  • Volume changing levels are indicated on main screen
  • Accidental pressing of buttons can be avoided
  • Easy process of assigning keys according to the requirement of users
  • Customized multimedia support


  • Customization is not possible for global keyboard settings
  • It keeps on nagging for updates regular and automatic updates are not conducted in application
  • No control on media player as it does not provide options to press buttons like Play, Pause, Previous, Next, etc.

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Publisher’s Description

IntelliType is a great application for keyboard utilities and customization of keyboard functionalities, assignment and reassignment of keys to fit the customized requirements of users. The disabling of specific keys is a great feature to avoid accidental pressing of buttons. The keys can be assignment and reassignment with specifications and wide variety of options according to user requirements. The application is very easy to use and enabled fast processing with fulfilment of customized keyboard requirements in the system. The application has to be configured specifically for automatic updates and users can also participate in the customer experience program.

Change Log  

The recent version has detected the keyboard model for better functionalities. The specific keyboard attached with individual system can work in different ways. This version of application does not support PS/2. Some minor bugs are also fixed for improved performance.

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