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Download Internet Download Manager – Free

by boris

Internet Download Manager, the name itself defines what this software does. This is an application which manages all the things which are downloaded from the internet. Internet is a very vast collection of objects. These objects may be a source of knowledge or entertainment. To gather these things one have to download many stuffs from the internet, and an internet download manager helps manage those things. Internet Download Manager is better known as IDM. Internet Download Manager is involved in downloading anything and everything over the internet. If you are downloading a file or a video or a pdf then internet download manager helps as a manager and makes the process of fetching the data from web world easier.


Download Videos Like Never Before

Internet Download Manager does one thing for sure and that is to enhance the experience of downloading videos. With the help of internet download manager videos from anywhere can be downloaded by just a click. Usually to download a video from any website you might have to first create account and then login and complete various formalities and then you might get to download. But Internet Download Manager creates a wall crawler which appears on the bottom left corner of the screen whenever there is a video available on the screen. Just click on “Download this Video” tab and internet Download manager starts downloading the video. Thereby reducing the effort and time required to download the video. This feature of IDM is very user friendly and takes experience of downloading to a new level.

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A Perfect Manager

IDM or Internet Download Manager acts as a perfect manager to perform the downloading action. Internet download manager not only assist in downloading but also in managing files in your system. It creates various folder with the names like files, pdf, videos, music, etc. and stores files according to the categories to which they belong. This reduces the haphazardness which exists in folder containing downloaded files. With all files being divided into the categories they belong doing work becomes easier. Hence the name, Perfect Manager.

Constant Assistance

Internet Download Manager not only assists in downloading videos but it also assists in various files which needs to be downloaded from the internet. Whether the file is a text or a pdf or a power point presentation, all downloads are done through internet download manager and constantly manages by it, hence performing the task of a constant assistance.

User Interface

User Interface of this software is very regular and basic. No complications or hard keywords are involved. The tab shows all the files which have been downloaded or are in process of being downloaded. The downloading tab is a dialogue box showing completion ratio and speed.

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Stay With Original

Internet Download Manager is not a free software. It comes with a price tag. Price is very marginal and with the feature Internet Download Manager provides the pricing is completely justified. Always stick to the original product as it runs smoothly without any lag or problem and provides for complete features. And if purchasing the product creates hole in your pocket, worry no more, as you can get the same for free!

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