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If you are making a list of best internet browser than your list is not completed without Internet Explorer. It is most running and existing web browser in the world. Once Internet Explorer was best and popular browser in the world, but it lost its position to other browsers which were providing better security and features in comparison to Internet Explorer. Microsoft has recently placed a heavy focus for fighting malware and boosting securities. Internet Explorer has all essential features that are required in any web browser with outstanding integration with other Microsoft applications and programs. It lacks customization feature, which is commonly found in other web browsers.


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Internet Explorer is developed by Microsoft and recently the company launched its latest Internet Explorer 11. The latest internet browser from Microsoft has improved performance, better support for next generation websites, fully reviewed F12 developers tools and fast load time for pages. It offers new tools for improving real-world websites execution. It supports WebGL, ECMAScript 6 and power efficient high-quality HTML 5 videos with no plugins required for it. For better user experience, many new API are added in new Internet Explorer. It is compatible with almost every website.

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It loads images, websites and videos at a relatively faster speed than any other browser available in a market. This improvement is considered as greatest improvement of internet explorer than its previous versions. New updated version of internet explorer comes with direct support, forums, and detailed tutorials and FAQ pages. These kind of support provide much more information and additional help for Add on.


There were several occasions when internet explorer were crashed, resulting in restarting and closing of programs. New inter explorer has same problems which all other versions of internet explorer were having which is navigation of pages some times its great but sometimes it does not load pages.


If you want to use new internet explorer on your device you must full fill following requirements which are essential for internet explorer. It runs only on window 8.1 or later versions of windows. It require at least 1GHz processor or faster processor which support SSE2, NX and PAE. Internet explorer require minimum Ram of 1 GB for 32-bit system and 2 GB for 64-bit system. It will occupy space on your device thus it is recommended you must have 16 GB hard disk for 32 bit system and 20 GB for 64 bit system. Device must have Microsoft DirectX 9 graphic card with WDDM driver.


Internet explorer is most used internet browser, which is great for those who need general and basic online experience. Others browser like Firefox and Google chrome provide fetures for customization and personalized displays. Microsoft should also try these feature to improve its browser. But it has included more secure feature than its competitors. It uses programs like sandboxing for reducing security threats. It has user friendly interface, which is key strength of Inter Explorer, but new update of internet explorer makes it worthy reconsidering.

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