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Download KMPlayer for Windows – Free

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KMPlayer has been evolved from a vide player to a leading source of discovering the content. The application has great viewership in the market. KMPlayer has established a very strong viewership that have created the new layer of interaction beyond the standalone video player. KMPlayer provides an optimized and stable playback with one click of button and have a convenient an amazing experience.


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The KMPlayer handles a wide range of audio, video and other formats which allows the user to capture audio, video and screenshots. The KMPlayer also provides internal and external filters to control the environment completely in context to decoders, splitters, transformation of audio and videos. Many audio and video effects can be set in the player such as playback speed, selection of video part as favourites, repeats, remap of remote interface keys and changing of skin in a dynamic manner. KMPlayer is a completely customizable application with various colour schemes and skins with extensive configuration options.


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KMPlayer has an unobstructed layout. It has convenient pop-up settings, uninterrupted access to several features such as colour, brightness, frame captures and subtitle management.

Codec support: KMPlayer has full video codec support which is similar to the video players such as GOM, VLC. It can be used as a universal media player and tackles any format.


KMPlayer has a great compatibility with the mobile and the local videos can also be streamed via internet and application can be installed on Android or iOS.


Heavy Display:

KMPlayer is just not a standalone player but it also encourages the content discovery with partnership of third party applications. And therefore, it have a preview heavy player which have multiple ads and links in a constant manner.

Complicated Applications:

KMPlayer have been bundled with various applications. And you may end up installing various application unintentionally.

Bottom Line

KMPlayer is an integrated video player and comes with specialized plater aiming for particular audience. Some viewers will view the player as premium service provider and some may find it bundled application with nuisance. The universal support of video player and light weight of layer attracts a large number of audience. The mobile playback add-on acts as an added advantage for playing the movies without worrying about storage and formats on Android or iOS.

Publisher’s Description

KMPlayer is multimedia player covering large number of formats such as MKV, DVD, VCD, 3GP, WMV, OGM, AVI, Ogg, MPEG, QuickTime, and RealMedia. The extra feature of playing damaged or incomplete file while downloading is a special feature of application. It is bundled with various codecs required for playing any movie. It is very simple to use for a non-technical user with several configuration options and comes with strong user base. It adds to the experience of usual media player for users. KMPlayer is highly recommended for users who look for powerful, convenient and free media player with special features.

Change Log

The newest version of KMPlayer is released with improvements in user interface and some minor bug fixes.

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