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Download Mozilla Firefox for Windows – Free

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If you are looking for a faster, lighter and more versatile open source web browser for your PC or phone then Mozilla Firefox is the best browser for you. The program was openly dispatched by the developers in 2004, it was the first program which challenged MS Internet Explorer’s predominance. From that point forward, Mozilla Firefox is also counted as one of the top 3 most well-known internet browsers all around. The key components, which have made Mozilla Firefox so prevalent are the basic and feasible User Interface, program speed and security capacities. The program is famous more due the reason that developers made it public as an open source. This way, it keep becoming more popular and enhanced through different developers.


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Highlights Of The Program

Highlights of Mozilla Firefox browser primarily include internet surfing in multiple tabs, miss-spell detection, categorized bookmarks, personal download manager, secure browsing, Geotagging and an integrated custom search bar with multiple common search engines such as Google and Yahoo!. Also, Firefox gives an atmosphere the developers in which they can use some tools for their personal and technical use, for example, the Error Console and the DOM Inspector. Also a lot more is to be explored with Firefox extensions in the browser.

Capacities of Mozilla Firefox are shown through the add-ons made by outsider developers. These Add-ons are principally executed by means of APIs – XUL and XPCOM, which permit the developers a straightforward access and control to a significant part of the Firefox’s internal functionality. The arrangements made with the web browser are openly accessible for web developers and hence it permits them to establish more advanced add-ons for the people in order to make them feel better with the internet access.


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Mozilla Firefox for Mobile Platform

The developers Firefox has also dispatched its mobile application in the app market with more versatile form. It brings some amazing element, which rather you may not found in its desktop version. For example, you can utilized various add-ons such as anti-adware AdBlock Plus or password manager LastPass right with the mobile application of Mozilla Firefox.

The versatile mobile application of Firefox can also be matched up with desktop version in case you want to couple and synch your bookmarks, history, passwords or even tabs with your phone or with your desktop. You simply will need a Firefox account activated in both mobile as well as desktop application. There are a lot of choices accessible to you when you go and check the program, you can tap to choose between top sites that will be recommended in its home screen, bookmark other sites, records keeping and keeping a rundown of your accounts and their passwords.

New Features In Latest Version

Problem of segmentation fault in the GStreamer support with the previous version is fixed in this version.

Problem if sudden startup crash while utilizing DisplayLink (Windows Only) is also fixed in this version.

The Mozilla Firefox and its extensions are totally free of cost. You can have great experience with the internet surfing in this versatile program.

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