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Download Picasa – A Image Viewer By Google

by boris

Picasa is an excellent image organizer with excellent features of organizing and editing the digital photos and also, it is an integrated photo-sharing website. The Software helps in findings, editing and sharing all the pictures on the computer. Software has a property to automatically locate all the pictures when it is opened in a computer and sorts them into albums with labels in different groups. Picasa ensures proper organization of pictures and also provided advanced editing features on single click with very powerful editing effects. It has single click fixes while editing digital photos, Picasa allows its user to share their picture, e-mail, print photos, making gift CDs, sharing of photos, albums and posting a picture on blogs. Its recent version includes Web albums which has been launched with some major improvements but requires a Google account.

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The main features of Picasa are:

Organization and editing

For organizing photos, Picasa has various features of importing, tracking, and facial recognition for sorting pictures. It offers editing of photos including color enhancements, red eye detection, cropping. Some other features are slide shows, image timelines, and printing. An Edited image can also be used for external sources such as email and orienting by reducing its file size.


Picasa has its extension named as picasa.ini to keep keywords for images. Picasa also adds an information interchange model keyword data attached to JPEG files and not to any other format. Keywords attached to JPEG file can be read by image library software such as Adobe Photoshop, iPhoto, digiKam, etc. Also, a search bar will search the name through file, folder, tags, captions and other metadata.


Picasa has a separate window for viewing and there is only one edit view area in that window. The full-screen mode is available in a slideshow. Some features are available through context menu and it defines a way to start Picasa.

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In the earlier versions of Picasa, editing was made to original file but in recent versions, a different file gets saved after editing image. In Picasa 3, some changes to the picture are saved in a hidden file named as picasa.ini in a same folder as an original picture. This feature shows picture to be edited more than once without hampering original picture.

Face Recognition

The best feature of Picasa is face recognition which was announced on 2006. This technology can be utilized for searching photos with people, buildings and other key factors. Google have applied this technology for recognition of face and this function has been launched on Picasa Web Albums. This feature has enabled various users to search the images and other data in a more refined manner.


The feature of Geotagging was introduced in 2007. This feature has enabled to write geographic coordinates to Exifex metadata which allows geotagging the image. In Picasa version of 3.5, Geotagging may be done inside the software and functionality of geotagging is proved to be very useful for users. Picasa is simple and efficient in photo tagging and organizing with quality face recognition and quick uploading options.

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