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Process Explorer is a utility application that gives you the detailed information about the active/stuck processes of your PC, also it will help you to know active unknown processes that might be running in the background of your system. Process Explorer highlights numerous advantageous functionalities within, which are better than any other task management application. Process explorer can be downloaded for free and compatible with most of the windows desktop users. You can see the process protection status with the new release made in the list of updated variants of process explorer.


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Features of Process Explorer:

The principle feature of the program is its customizable interface, this functionality permits you to gather distinctive information of the active processes of your PC in very interpretive way. Though you will not find the interface of the program as attractive as it is with functionality. Well, most of the users prefer good functionality of a program rather than the looks, thus Process Explorer is worth a useful application of all the desktop users. Customization in the appearance, skin and utility of the program can also be made actively by the users. You can create your own streamlined layout followed by changing the colors and icon designs of the Process Explore by simply going through its display and other customization settings.

Process Explorer exhibits numerous amazing tool to be utilized, such as locating active processes in your desktop, quick search tool and quick terminator of active unnecessary processes even within a couple of clicks. You will find out the active running processes of your PC very quickly with the impressive unique internet search tool provided by the program, it incredibly find out all the processes by going in the every corner of the PC and ranks them in a rundown as per the degree of harmfulness.


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What you may not like in Process Explorer?

Broken objects:

One major error you will face in the Process Explorer is the Help section, you may find issues in opening the help menu of the program, which become crashed while loading most of the time. This way, it would be quite difficult for beginner to make utilization of the program.

Stability problems:

Although the performance of the program is quicker comparatively to other applications, yet there may arise some crashing issues during the daily routine access of the program. There cannot be characterized any exact reason behind this issue that is why it is still not been fixed. Though this not a deep concern of the program and can be managed comfortably. Because after crash activity, reopening the application does not offer any issue further.

Bottom Line:

Process Explorer is surely a legendry task manager application among own categorized applications. Though there are some issues related with the performance of the program, which leave the users bit unsatisfied. You can make process explorer you choice if these issues may get rectified by the developers end or may be managed by you either.

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