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Download QuickTime For Windows – Free

by boris

QuickTime Lite is a compact version of QuickTime, which have the basic components required for playing the content of QuickTime in the embedded webpages. QuickTime Lite is designed as a multimedia framework and it can also play other QT content embedded in several web pages. QuickTime Lite is similar to codec pack and have various exceptional features such as ActiveX plugins and have wide support to browsers such as Netscape, Firefox, Google chrome, Opera. The plugins in the program helps in accessing MOV and other files of QuickTime over the internet. The other format files can also be played in the media player which includes MKV, MP4, MPG, etc. without any filters required.


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QuickTime Lite is a freeware media player bundled with various features in the program. The main features of QuickTime Lite are as follows:

  • Easy and quick installation process
  • No processes in the background of system
  • Capability of making an unattended installation
  • Removal of unwanted material and options
  • Smaller size of program as compared to other programs available in the market.

QuickTime Lite easily track the time in an easy and quick manner. It also works with QuickBooks and other relevant applications. It is the first application with native file export capability. The software is bundled with various features and has no cost to the users. QuickTime Lite is highly customizable and have robust system and reporting application.

Publisher’s Description

QuickTime Lite is designed with the theory of tracking the time along with the suitable information. The time can also be exported and sent to the email address in different formats which includes comma delimited, HTML, QuickBooks and data can also be stored appropriately. The program also displays the reports with important statistics and various other options and functions for planning the future time. The QuickTime Lite functions has also been tested with several versions of software and various changes in the software has not impacted the working process of program. The “Time Activities” option allows the users to check the system for compatibility. The only problem with the software is that the installation process gives warning prior installation and requires application support with updated version, otherwise it shows the non-compatibility of software in the system. The software is very useful for various purposes and easy installation and accessibility enhances the utility of program in a better manner.


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Change log

The updated version of QuickTime Lite comes with editing option of recording. The values can be set default in the system for recording new time. It has also updated the component version which enables support of mp4/m4a files. The configuration settings are also improved in the end of installation process. The additional controls such as adjusting time values and enhanced support of calendar, record updates and search method has been launched in the program. The errors are also fixed for exporting the data and other minor bug fixes.

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