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Download uTorrent- The Best software of his kind

by boris

You may be on the hunt to quickly download your favourite movie that isn’t running on screens anymore or an old movie that you wish to see over and over again or sit back to watch your preferred sitcoms. Look no further as uTorrent is totally apt application to cater to all your download needs. It is specifically designed to amplify the download speed and it does this by acquiring several pieces of the data from different sources. uTorrent is a BitTorrent client designed to get everything you need. It is extremely similar to the original BitTorrent v 7.2.


Look and the Design!

As mentioned earlier, the interface of uTorrent is similar to the one sported by BitTorrent and hence you shouldn’t be taken aback if you are an avid torrent user. The original client of BitTorrent underwent a revamp in order to match the design of uTorrent. This was done in 2006 after the acquisition of the uTorrent client by BitTorrent. You can even download the different skins for toolbars which make it attractive.


When the application is started you are welcomed with a screen that is divided into 2 sections. The larger one is the main section that houses the search box that you can use to browse the web for all the available torrents. It has a sidebar which you can use to check the statuses of the torrents running (like completed and seeding). Alternatively you can also subscribe to the various RSS feeds and browse through the App studio. Once you choose any of the categories, it enables you to run a torrent saved on your system, add using a URL or even create one. This is extremely simple and easy to use!

Downloading stuff- The Main Thing!

The manner in which uTorrent downloads content is extremely unique. It gathers different pieces of the file from multiple torrent client users and re-arranges them in the proper sequence. It makes downloading extremely large files way quicker than different protocols.

Once you hit save the torrent, double clicking the torrent file will open the client window and your file download will begin. You can pause, start and/or stop the files’ download as per your convenience. There is also an additional option which is ‘Force Download’ that increases the download speed of the specific file. The download time varies depending on the connection speed, the number of seeders available and multiple other factors.

The one feature in uTorrent is its ability to allow content labelling with certain keywords that give you quick access to the respective categories/genres. The tags that are added appear on the left sidebar and they are with respective numerical values depending on the number of files in the particular category.

Some Extra Stuff!

The App Studio has 13 additional icons that can be used to download content without having the need to scour the web. You can download games, send a tweet from your handle and do multiple other stuff through the App studio.

Final word

For downloading large and quality files, uTorrent is the best suited BitTorrent client application. With easy and quick performance it makes downloading extremely simple and really quick.

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