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Windows Live Messenger is an updated release of the previously known MSN messenger. Microsoft has also dispatched its item as an alternative to all the featured instant messaging applications for desktops and smartphones. You would love this messenger more in official use than in entertainment because it allows you ease in sharing files and folders comfortably through local chats. Moreover, like other versatile featured instant messaging application, it also allows you to use emoticons, stickers and media sharing in between your conversations making them expressive. The VOIO supports to the application enables you to make audio and video conversations using Windows Live Messenger as well. Then using this program you can say no to international call rates and their bills and make instant communication any time with your companions.


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Features of Windows Live Messenger:

Take advantage of the sole and basic feature of the Window Live messenger that is communicating with favorites and groups. The favorite list in the interface is comprised as per number of users are active in the chat. The favorite list will arrange its list every time you log in with Windows Live Messenger, and all the active users will be showing in the top of the list to make quick chat. Similar, in case you need to communicate with more than one active user in the messenger program then you have another choice to utilize, or else you can create group chat in the program and make multiple connections at a time. The message you will send into group chat would be visible to all the recipient associated in the group established by you.

Another useful and interactive feature you will find in the Window Live messenger application is media sharing on multiple social platform, multiple social networking platforms have been incorporated in the program by the developers. This feature makes the application more versatile for users. In case of chatting functionality, Windows Live messenger also follows the same concept, you can likewise send images and files during chatting with your companion. Moreover, the customization option provided by the program enables you to personalize the themes of the program interface and build the looks of program more fascinating. You can customize chat sounds, display pictures and other similar parts of the program.


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What Else You May Like?

The best thing about this program is – it is principally designed for desktop users, else you will find a diverse collection of messenger applications designed for mobile platforms but very rare of them have desktop versions. Thus, the application is versatile primarily for desktop users, also you would be wrong it you think Window live messenger cannot be found for mobile phones. The application can also be downloaded for mobile platforms from their corresponding stores.

The windows live messenger is released in the market as a freeware for both desktop and smartphones. The application has be upgraded with numerous useful features followed by keeping the previous interface of MSN messenger same. Though some minor changes have been implemented in the appearances too.

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