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DVDShrink – Free Download for Windows

by boris

All devoted movie viewers love to keep their DVDs well-managed, but few of them simply love keeping a duplicate of all, so that in case, if anyone is missed out somehow the other could still kept safe. You might keep the copies of movies in your system drives or External/Flash drives, which takes a great amount of space. Luckily, there is an application, which may help you to solve this issue. DVDShrink comes to assist you not only to duplicate your DVDs on the PC, but also to deal with the issue of huge storage consumption.


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Features of DVDShrink

Much the same as its name recommends, DVDShrink is equipped to create backup DVD discs followed by shrinking up the content of original DVD, and also without influencing feature quality of the multimedia content. For example, the media content of a standard DVD can be reduced up to 2.5 GB, which is remarkably a genuine achievement. Installation and utilization of DVDShrink is a simple and user-friendly job and everyone use the application with great experience without facing a single issue with the application. The interface of the program is smooth and easy to use, you can easily select the content of the original DVD to be copied without facing any mess with the application.

One of the most effective features of DVDShrink is that after it finalizes the backup of a DVD, it additionally offers an option of burning images to the DVD, which ultimately will save the storage space. Also, it is your wish whether you want to keep the subtitles of the featured video or discard them. You can proactively preview the media being duplicated and compressed with DVDShrink.


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Why Use DVDShrink?

The program offers a very strong feature of decrypting the data the highly secured DVDs, and create backup of such DVDs as well. Also the compression features make it worth usable, as it helps you to preserve storage space of your system drives. Moreover, you have personalization options with the DVDShrink, as it allows you to make progressions while utilizing the program. Another advanced feature of the program will surely take your attention, which is the re-authoring feature; with this feature you can change the author’s signature in the newly created copy of the original DVD.

The program might be offering so many advantages to the people all around the world, yet it is banned in some countries due to the possibilities of its illegal use. The program is supported to create duplicate data of copyrighted content, which may create problems among users.

However, you can use DVDShrink to create backup your DVDs if they have become older, and also compress them to tinnier space to save bulk memory storage. Possibly, DVD Shrink is an extremely convenient application for each one of the individuals who spend incalculable hours watching featured videos and movies. Moreover, it accompanies a freeware license, which signifies its full usefulness in a delightful manner by all clients.

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