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FlashGet For Windows – Free Download

by boris

FlashGet is intended to provide solutions for two main issues, which are being widely faced while making the download, the first issue that is commonly faced by users is the download speed and the second issue it the proper management of the downloaded files. FlashGet battles with these two issues and offers you flawless services. The appearance of the interface of the program is quite unimpressive but inversely the performance rate is outstanding.


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Features of FlashGet:

The features if FlashGet are really effective for both the system performance and downloading the content. You might have observed that when you put any file into download, your PC slows down. Well, the case of FlashGet is totally different, it uses your system resource in an optimized manner, where you do not face any slowdown, hang or crashing issue with the system. Moreover, the application automatically scans the entire file before being applied into download by you. The more interesting thing you will find in this application is the overall utilization of application and its important tool can be done for free. And the application likewise does not contain any adware, spyware or any other suspicious malware within. You can simply enjoy the upgraded download speed of the program without facing any critical issue with the functionality. The program is quite stable with respect to the performance and speed. The application support HTTP, eMule, FTP and BitTorrent and similar torrent formats to download large files on internet. The program also features a powerful file management program while doing downloads.


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Talking about the interface of the application, you will observe the interface pretty smooth and easy to use. The settings of the program could be disappointing part of the program, comparatively to the other services offered by FlashGet you will left unsatisfied with the settings menu. The fonts that are in the list of settings menu are not much effective. Also, the program lacks beauty with the graphical user interface, you will find the window into oblivion, and the left side of the program’s window also does not contain much options more than General settings, Task Manager, Appearance and Task Manager Tools.

Yet, the best thing that makes it worth downloadable is the speed offered by the system. The content downloading speed of the program is flawless and fast, you can simply right click on the link containing downloadable content and the FlashGet automatically starts the download for you. And the thing that makes it a must have download is – it can be utilized for free.

Change Logs with the Latest Release of its Variant:

For the users who already have used this application, will observe some advance changes with the updated version of the FlashGet that will surely amaze them. The program has now offered video downloads right from Youtube, Metacafe and similar video websites.  There are more websites to explore other than video blog sites such as Tudoku, Sohu, LeTV, and so on. You can also find the plugin of this program for Google Chrome and Firefox web browser.

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