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Free Download Safari Browser for Windows

by boris

Safari is a web-browser created by Apple, and has beautiful user interface offering amazing browsing experience.

Features of Safari Browser:

You will really appreciate the tabbed browsing interface empowered to view various web pages in the same window, this saves your desktop space too, while surfing internet in Safari browser. Without much of a stretch you can rearrange the positions of the tabs simply by utilizing the drag and drop option offered by Safari browser. The unique feature you will find in tabbed browsing of safari browser is the way it opens up new tab, simply make a double click on the toolbar of the browser and it will open up a new and fresh tab for you.


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When you open another tab in the program, it shows a rundown of the most visited sites with their thumbnails of a short portrayal, this feature of showing web page thumbnail is hardly offered by any other browser in the market. The web page suggestion feature is comprised of a program, which consistently follows you habits of surfing web pages on a regular basis and ultimately the program keep stacking up these regularly visited pages in the memory and displays them next day in suggestions. Interestingly, you can also modify the suggestion list followed by utilizing erase and add new options of the program.

Integrated RSS Reader:

The program incorporates a RSS reader that can change your experience of reading web articles on the Internet. The integrated RSS reader offers a channel which collects all the articles place in the website you are accessing and you can access any of the article by sorting it with date modified. With a single click, you can explore a rundown of articles from different website quickly.

Additionally, if you find any article worth interesting but do have the time to read it right away, you can keep it in the reading list of the program and read it later. The reading list will not force you reopen the entire website of the article, but you can simple read the stored blog later. The integrated RSS reader also helps you to avoid advertisement from the article page you have to read. This way, you can read different web blogs efficiently and without any diversion.


With Safari browser, you can do the alternative of pursuing web content without recording them into cache memory, cookies or in history as well. This mode is similar as the incognito mode if you have used Google Chrome browser. Additionally, you can go to your history and clear the entire data, which you do not want to share with anyone. Also or deep cleaning, you can clear cache and cookies of the program.

Apart from all, the program offers numerous useful add-ons and extensions to utilize and enhance your web surfing experience. The program is more useful from an angle that it can help in importing bookmarks from XHTML and HTML lists as well. Safari is released as a freeware by Apple in the market.

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