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by boris

What is a smartphone without interesting games? With the evolution of smartphones in recent times, a variety of games have also evolved. Strategy and puzzle games have taken a new pace in present time and created a whole new era in their fields. Monument Valley is an Android game which basically is categorized as a puzzle game, which requires leading a fictional character princess Ida through a series of pillar animals and illusionary obstacles. The game is presented to the user in an isometric view and the aim in the game lies in the fact that Ida must interact with the optical illusions and images, commonly known as the sacred geometry to get to the map’s exit smoothly.

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With so much to offer from such a basic idea, Monument Valley occupies a special spot in the category and becomes an addiction for anybody who starts playing it. For people loving puzzle games, a bigger screen, there is another option to get started with Monument Valley. The option is Bluestacks, an Android Application Player. Bluestacks basically generates a virtual Android OS on a computer within the software and allows the user to use as many Android applications as they want. Not only it provides the above purpose, the software has also brought many possibilities to people who are yet to own an smart phone. Some users find using this new software a little difficult and thus here is a little guide presented to you for kicking off with Bluestacks.

Building Monument Valley For PC:

  1. Installing Bluestacks clearly marks to be the first and foremost thing to do. Not so hard to find, Bluestacks’ setup file can be downloaded from here.
  2. On downloading the setup file, double click on it and run as administrator. A setup wizard opens up. Follow the mentioned steps and finish installing Bluestacks on your computer.
  3. Bluestacks is installed with a shortcut on desktop (most probably) from where it can be accessed easily. Open the software. The home screen is exactly the same as one in an Android phone. Unlock the home screen and look for a search bar present to search applications on the Google Play Store. On finding the search bar, type Monument Valley to get related results.
  4. Select the requisite application and click on Install button to get the application installed on the Bluestacks. The download gets started and downloads the application according to internet speed.
  5. Let the download complete, and then you are free to take princess Ida on a ride in the world of Monument Valley.

Monument Valley – A Must Play Puzzle!

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Monument Valley, as mentioned from the start, is an optical illusion and unimaginable objects combo brought together to create a mysterious quest for Princess Ida in a world of isometric view. Brilliantly designed and excellently structured, Monument Valley brings about revitalizing changes in a stereotype puzzle game. The game has acted as a revolution in its category and is righteously placed in top puzzle games. A must play!

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