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Google Chrome – Free Download for Windows and Mac

by boris

Google Chrome is a flagship browser which originates from the open source project of Google names as Chromium. It is a very lightweight browsers and now, became the most widely used browsers by users. Chrome has been developed with vast extensions ecosystems with various add-on features and robust JavaScript engine. It also have a rapid release development cycle which makes it even more competitive. The Google Chrome has been launched in 2008 and since then, it has dominated the browser market and become the most used browser within 4 years of its release. The continuous development of browser ensures the browser to continue competing with advanced browsers in the market.


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Minimal user interface:

The overall user interface of Chrome is minimal with two row window and tabs in the address bar, three browser controls and one toggle for bookmarking option and a settings icon.  There are very strict restrictions on the add-ons visible in the browser to avoid undesired overlays.

Enhanced browsing experience:

The clean browsing experience is promoted by Chrome with maximum screen space for websites. The immersive mode hides for the undesired elements of user interface also enhances the browsing experience for users.

Incognito mode:

Incognito is the feature launched by Chrome in response to the private browsing feature of Mozilla Firefox. This features allows the user to open a new window under disabled history recording and tracking of cookies. Though, the ISP tracks the activities for security purposes. The Incognito mode design has been improved in recent by Google.

Dev tools:

This tool provides excellent features to make the use of application more user friendly, accelerate the hardware for rendering 3D effects.

Improved load time:

Google has its own native clients which allows better and secure connection with faster speed. The in house JavaScript engine also improves the load time.


The vast selection of apps, themes and extensions allows the user to customize their browsing experience which improves the productivity and navigation speed within the settings.


The internet explorer has to be used in old versions of computers as it may show insecurities while launching the Google Chrome browser in the system.


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Bottom Line

Google has set good standards for stability, security and speed and thereby, increased the market share. The browser is for casual users as well as for the developers. The user friendly browser has been accepted widely by the users. It also has various additional features to provide better and easy access to the users.

Publisher’s Description

Google Chrome is a browser with minimal user interface design, sophisticated technology, and faster, safer and easier settings. It has the concept for one box used for all purposes. The address bar is used for typing, getting suggestions for search and web pages. The favourite pages can also be accessed easily with lightning speed and desktop shortcuts allows the users to launch the favourite web applications to be opened straight from the desktop.

Change Log

The updated version of Google Chrome has various security fixes and improvements.

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