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Media Monkey – Free Download

by boris

Media Monkey is an application designed in a way that it manages your media library in a smooth way, where you can find plenty of options in the application such as manage, play, sort and burn. The application also offers tagging feature to catalog your collection so that you can easily and quickly find the song you want to listen instantly.


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Interactive Graphical Users Interface:

MediaMonkey has a smooth navigation and user friendly interface. Though for beginners, the application will found quite complex, and will take some time to settle with the quick access of the program features. However, once you’ve became use to of it, you will find it the best media manager designed in the market. You will find the functionality of the program straightforwardly arranged, which mean it will not take much time to make familiar utilizing the application for beginner. You can quickly browse a list of versatile and useful options from the primary widow of the program.


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Different Auto playing Library Modes the Application:

You can explore number of modes in the application which can actively switched as per your mood. The different modes of the program includes ‘Party mode’ and ‘Sleep mode’, these modes are scheduled within the application and can be customized accordingly. Such as – the sleep mode will be enabled as per your sleeping schedule and will automatically turn off the music playback in your PC. And again, the music will be restart when mode will be altered from sleep to Party mode as per the schedule. All you need to do with the program is to schedule the modes as per your likings.

Media File Manager:

The media of your computer is arranged with application in such a way that you can sort a single track from the entire library quickly without facing much of stretch. With file organizer of MediaMonkey, you can find sort your media files in an easier manner. The application also keep versatility with incorporating various other services within, such as online Music, accessing Media Servers, Radio, Podcast, and Playlists.

Rip Compact Discs Using Media Monkey:

MediaMonkey offers you opportunity to burn DVDs/CDs in your PC. While processing disk burning process, you can utilize the dynamic options additionally supported by the application. Such as altering the properties of the sound tracks, album information, erase a disk and rewrite the data into it.

Robust suite of Configuration Setting:

The application has a really rich configuration suit incorporating series of useful items for your PC. For example, you can explore extensions, plug-ins, download options, tagging and other useful components in the configuration suit of MediaMonkey application. All these options are designed to fulfill the needs and demands of the all the more valuable users.

If you are seeking an extra-large size fun and entertaining application that can incredibly manage your sole favorite music collection, then this can be your better made choice than ever. Apart from the playback capacities of the program and robust configuration suit, this system underpins Winamp plugins and accompanies a valuable 4x CD and DVD ripper and burner as well.

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