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Mozilla Thunderbird – Download For Free

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Mozilla Thunderbird helps you to send and receive e-mails in more secure, fast and easier way. It has many smart features including spam filters, integrated RSS reader, and fast search option; these features enable the Thunderbird to give the dynamic support to your system. Thunderbird is designed such that it prevents your system from external virus infections and stops the garbage and junked emails from receiving. The program is a free package and launched as an open source in the market as well.

Mozilla thunderbird was designed right after the release of Firefox in the market and captured the market aggressively. There were more than 500,000 users downloaded the program with the first three days of its launch and the figure reached to 1,000,000 with the 10th day. This shows the capabilities of the program and the trust that users shown.


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Open Source:

Thunderbird is developed by Mozilla, and it is left as an open source in the market similar of Firefox browser. It can be customized from every angle you want, it offers the greater part of the program to be customized. So you don’t need to be take stress over its highly technical and complicated setup if are facing trouble with the operation of the program.

Enhanced Arrangements:

The arrangements are done in Thunderbird help you to do simple and systematic e-mailing. It incorporates tabbed e-mail browsing, quick searches, and personalized folder to keep your emails and messages appropriately. The powerful spam filter helps you to keep away from security threats and malicious data. There can be found so many email services in the market and Thunderbird magnificently matches compatibility with almost all of them.


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What You May Not Like In This Program?

Desktop Limitation:

Basically, thunderbird is a desktop program for PC, therefore you may face different problems while syncing emails in your device using Thunderbird. For mobile devices, you require to follows some extra steps to get the things done, and still it will not be working as progressive as it works in computer systems. You will need to integrate POP3 inbox in your device so that Thunderbird may settle its compatibility with your device. Though there is no guarantee of its successful operation even after the installation of POP3 inbox.

Bottom Line:

If have issues with the limited services offered by different e-mail clients and platforms, then Thunderbird is the program which must be downloaded in your system. It will help you to customize your web surfing and organizational experience. The plugins and updates available for the program makes is worth impressive and utilizing, these components of the program will offer you help in managing multiple e-mail accounts.

Change Logs:

A feature of Thunderbird known as ‘hardware acceleration’, is now removed from the program. This way, the program will now avoid the sudden crashing issue. Few bugs of the program, which had been observed in the last updated version are now fixed with the latest release of the program. Enjoy the free and open source Thunderbird powered by Mozilla!

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