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Recuva – Free Download

by boris

Recuva is a utility application for recovering the accidentally deleted files. The application can also recover the files which are damaged, reformatted, unsaved, deleted or corrupted accidentally by the users. The recovery task is conducted in a well manner and it also has deep scanning process for detecting the damaged files within the system. The application has a very efficient process of identifying and recovering the lost files. The application even search the desired files in DVDs, CDs, portable drives, unmounted drives. It has user friendly interface and allows easy process of identifying and recovering the desired files. Recuva works perfectly with the combination of NTFS and Fat file systems.


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  • User friendly interface
  • Regular and automatic updates
  • Easy to use
  • Supported with all versions of Windows
  • Deep scanning process for identifying the damage files
  • Support all drives up to 3 TB storage
  • Quick process of file recovery
  • Easy installation of application and also, has portable version for enhanced convenience of users
  • Recovery of files can be done through system, portable devices such as CDs, MP3 players, DVDs, memory cards, etc.


  • The application wizard is very easy to use and the user can scan variety of files such as music, document, compressed files, videos, mails, etc. The option of scanning allows the user to conduct location file search process
  • The portable version of application is very useful as it can be fitted to USB device also. It does not require users to install complete version
  • The integration of application with the context menu allows the users to have advanced scanning options so that the user can scan desired files in Explorer menu and Recycle Bin also.

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  • The application does not provide option of switching back to the earlier version once the user switches to the advanced mode. The advanced mode has updates and shows the file paths, header views and relevant information about files.
  • The application does not provide offline help to guide the use of application. The online help is provided but users may face difficulties with internet connectivity issues.

Bottom Line

The application is very efficient in recovering the damaged, corrupted, unsaved, deleted files. The efficient deep scanning option works excellently and fulfils the purpose of application easily. The portable version adds to the application utilities and convenience of users. It is a very quick and easy application for recovery tasks within the system and portable devices.

Publisher’s Description

Recuva is a free application with great utilities of recovering files deleted accidentally from system. The exceptional features of application includes extensive process of search, quick processing, portability, well organized interface. The recovery can be done even from the Recycle Bin. Moreover, the damaged files by crashes, viruses and bugs can also be recovered easily with the help of this application. It is very convenient for new users as well.

Change Log

The recent version is compatible with NTFS deep scanning process and added support of Ext4. The GUI of application is also improved and has minor bugs fixed within the program.

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