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RocketDock – Free Download for PC

by boris

RocketDock works even when all other docks fail. It is basically a Mac-style program and launcher for XP, Vista and 2000 version of Windows for the purpose of smooth installation of flawless transitions of icons and footprints. RocketDock is animates and great application launcher. It is completely alpha blended application with structured interface. There has good amount of shortcuts for better access of users. There are a lot of options which are customizable and can be dropped and launched from the dock. It is one of the most used programs and surprisingly, it was missing from Windows. The application is highly customizable and change the quality and opacity of icons by using different styles and designs. It enables the user to run favourite programs and their features easily. The Taskbar support is also added for minimized windows and appears as transition icons on the dock for providing better accessibility and productivity.


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The application is packed with lot of features such as minimized windows in dock, real time preview of windows, indicators of application running in docks, multiple support to monitors, alpha blended application to support icons in better manner. The icons can be zoom and transitioned easily. It also has features of pop up and auto-de with mouse over. The layering and positioning options adds up to the features of program. The software is completely portable and customizable. It has Docklet support for ObjectDock and compatible with ObjectDock, Y’z Dock skins, MobyDocks, RK Launcher etc. The applicant can also be run easily on low configuration systems. The structures and intuitive interface provided proper drag and drop support. The Unicode compliant application provides better accessibility to users. IT has very friendly options and multi-language support. Moreover, it is a great utility application for free.


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The application is loaded with numerous useful features and dock can exists in all four edges of the monitors and generally set to the top or bottom of system. The auto hide option is always present. The application comes with almost 20 skins, colours, fonts and completely customized. The customization includes order of icons, display of icons, and independency of actual icon of program. RocketDock is a growing software application and has many advantageous options for downloading various widgets, icons and skins for enhancing and customizing the experience of users in better manner.


The main drawback of this application is that the main setting menu is not the place where the extra options can be added and configured. And the extra options are accessible in secondary settings and right clicking on the dock. It is a major accessibility problem in the application and it need to be addressed in future updated versions.

Publisher’s Description

RocketDock is animated application launcher with alpha blended support. The clean interface of program provides easy access and drop shortcuts to the users. The added support of Taskbar supports various additional features as icons on dock. The software can be used for better accessibility and productivity.

Change Log

The updated version of RocketDock has some minor bug fixes.

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