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Send To-Convert – Free Download

by boris

Send To-Convert is a very efficient application with variety of features. The main utility of application is to convert the images and enables easy process of image conversion within the system. The application can also be used for other functions such as resizing and other modifications. The large variety of image formats can be converted into desired format in few clicks. The user directly have to select the desired image and click “Send To” option for gaining the final results. It is a very interactive application. The user have the option to disable interactive utilities of application. The images get converted in the destination folders automatically with different names.


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  • Application is very quick in converting the images and has easy process.
  • Supports wide image formats.
  • Drag and drop feature helps in converting the images without any hassles and conduct the further process.
  • Interactive application.
  • The users is not required to select the save location every time, when the image is converted. It saves the processed file in destination folder with modified file name to differentiate it with the original file.
  • It has wide input as well as output image formats such as BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF and alike formats. Images can also be modified according to the file size, quality and sampling.
  • The necessary plug-ins can also be installed in the application to enhance performance and further graphical user interface adjustments.


  • Lot of time can be saved while converting the image
  • Very lightweight on system
  • Can directly be used from explorer menu
  • Image conversion can also be customized in an easy manner
  • Task of image conversion can be configures easily
  • Compact application
  • Resizing options are also available for images
  • Transparency preservation is an added feature in the application 


The main disadvantage of application is that it selects the destination saving location automatically and does not ask to user. It creates confusion for users between the original and modified files.

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Bottom Line

Send To-Convert is very useful application and serves the image conversion purposes in efficient manner. It enhances the utility of application with batch image processing and allows multiple images to be converted easily. It saves lot of time of users. It is very easy to use and do not have any hassles while converting the images. There are no complicated options in application and can be considered for regular use. The application cannot replace the professional image conversion software’s but has simple features and options for image conversion tasks.

Publisher’s Description

Send To-Convert is a quick and easy application for image conversion. It works on a single click of user and can also be used directly from explorer menu. The features of drag and drop enables ease for users. Also, the users can configure customized options according to their personalized requirements. The wide variety of input and output formats is one of the major advantages of application.

Change Log

The recent version has fixed the issue of saving images in JPEG format with size limit specifications.

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