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Sonic Dash for Mac – Free Download

by boris

Video games were an integral part of one’s life if it was 10 years ago. What occupies majority of today’s life for youngsters are fast paced smartphones and mind boggling games that have attained a much greater mantle over conventional video games. Talking about present day games, if games like Subway Surfer and Temple Run were your favorites then Sonic Dash could be your newly found love. Sonic Dash is another never ending running game where the game’s prime character Sonic, the hedgehog rides through 3 dimensional environment and series of artful obstacles. A lot is said about the game being similar to Temple run for its parallel base and aim of the game. Sonic Dash still comes as a fresh option for players to explore.

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Aim of the game is to tackle as many obstacles as possible with maximum efficiency. The journey provides loads of power ups, boosts, coins and special powers to collect on the way. Diverting from talking about what the game is, it is important to be clear where can it be played. Sonic Dash mainly supports smartphones like Android and iOS based phones. In case we don’t have one, we have to do some efforts to making our Mac/PC support the game somehow. This is possible with Bluestacks, it is especially designed to allow our big machines to act as smartphones temporarily and provide facilities of Android for some time. This means running applications supported by Android is assisted by Bluestacks. All one needs to know is how to use Bluestack, which is explained below.

Getting Started With Sonic Dash For Mac

  1. Download the setup file for Bluestacks. To ease the task, it can be noted that the file is available on Bluestacks’ official site too. Or click here to Download Bluestacks.
  2. Run the setup. Allow the permissions of the administrator and wait till a setup wizard appears. Do not alter the default settings preferably and simply follow the wizard to install Bluestacks. The installation completes by clicking on finish.
  3. Run Bluestacks from desktop which first loads certain files for best user experience. Observe the software’s look & feel, which appears more or less same as that of an Android phone. Unlock the home screen like an Android device and look for a search toolbar.
  4. On finding the former, type Sonic Dash and hit enter. The search bar looks for all the possible application required by the user on Google Play Store.
  5. Find the correct one and click on Install. The application downloads and installs implicitly. Find the game in My Apps tab and start a quest which may never end!

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Sonic Dash – Creating The Buzz

The abstract concept of playing as a hedgehog and running through series of difficulties in a challenging environment surely deserves some applause. Features like special powers for different characters, power ups for various aspects of the game, breathtaking 3D roller coaster ride and the revolutionary concept shouldn’t be destined to be ignored!

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