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Spyware Blaster Free Download

by boris

Spyware Blaster is a program to prevent the system from various adware, hijackers and dialers and other fast growing threats on the internet browsers. The simple browsing to webpage may lead to attack by various malicious programs and unwanted programs. Spyware Blaster is an excellent protection from the wide range of spywares as it is always better to protect the system from malware programs rather than spending lot of time getting rid of such programs and spywares. Spyware Blaster is a program to protect system from various software’s based on ActiveX and unwanted cookies for internet explorer and Firefox users. This is the most important step to secure the system, as Spyware Blaster is a very powerful program available in the market.


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Spyware Blaster helps in the protection from spyware and make the system secure without interfering the good side of internet. Unlike other protective programs, Spyware Blaster do not remain running in the background of the system. The main features of Spyware Blaster are as follows:

  • Prevention of the Active-X based spyware, hijackers in browser, unwanted software’s, dialers and other spyware.
  • Blocking cookies and spyware in internet explorer, Firefox.
  • Restriction on the potential actions of unwanted sites within the browser.
  • Protects the spyware, adware and dialers without disturbing the internal settings of browser.


Spyware Blaster have a very interactive interface with easy navigations for novices. The main screen of program shows the status of protection for browser, restricted sites and other settings. The protection is disabled by default but it can be enabled easily for ActiveX protection and cookies protection within the browser. The additional option of restricted sites enables the user to block specific actions from unwanted web sites. There are cookies and sites which are presumed to be malicious, but the user want to visit the particular sites then user can make an exception in the list and exclude these sites from getting blocked in the system. Spyware Blaster also has the facility of snapshot for creating the system protection records and allows the user to restore them without getting altered by spyware. The Spyware Blaster comes with the options of adjusting browser settings, download settings and other flash contents. Overall, it is found that the Spyware Blaster is an easy to use tool for protection of system using internet explorer and Firefox. The installation process of Spyware Blaster is also very easy for users.

Publisher’s Description

Spyware Blaster scans and protects spyware; and prevents unwanted programs to be installed in first place. The program also prevents ActiveX based spyware, adware, browser hijackers, dialers and other unwanted programs. It also blocks tracking of spyware and tracking cookies in internet explorer, Netscape, Firefox and other browsers. The built-in features check for regular updates and helps in ensuring protection up to date.


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Change log

The updated version of Spyware Blaster has enhanced Google chrome support, Windows 10 support, detection properties in the browser, support for latest versions of browsers and improved process of handling the network issues and other bug fixes.

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