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Start Menu X – Free Download

by boris

Start Menu X has recaptured the structure of navigation which is familiar from Windows 7. The interface has been changed and replaced the Start button with the flat panelled menu on the Windows phone and tablets. It is a very powerful tool for Windows users. The desktop will be changed to modern user interface and also, the user can directly logon to desktop. The start menu can be utilized for running the applications. The start menu X will also allow users to access folders and application with great convenience and add up to the completely functional start menu in the Windows. The specific file or program can also be searched by entering the keyword for better convenience of users.

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  • Automatic switch to desktop immediately
  • Added functionalities in start menu
  • Enhanced search field
  • Running applications
  • Highly user configurable
  • Favorite applications can be set in customized manner
  • Silent installation support
  • Multilanguage support
  • Lower left hot corner can be ignored by option in Windows start menu


Familiarity of interface – The start menu X has main function of Windows since the starting time and the new options are added to the same functionalities. The options are quite familiar to users with new interface for better navigation facilities.

Stylistic options – It lets the user to completely customize the start button according to specific requirements. The user can primarily choose the look of start button and then after, opt for modern functions. The modern functions including styling and operating functions.

Customized menu – While setup process, the start menu gives the customized menu options for setting the menu according to personalized requirements. It enables the user to keep the application basic and include most frequently used items for convenient navigation. The entire system can be navigated from the menu. The comprehensive options provide ability to incorporate the menu for Windows applications in efficient manner.


Long setup time – The drawback is that the setup is too long. Though it has some pre-sets for quick start options which have minimized the time but the overall, it is time consuming process.

Bottom Line

The Start menu X has added functionalities with familiar interface. It can customize the menu according to the personalized requirements. The user can have the simple menu of Windows 7 or create own menu with customization options.

Publisher’s Description

Start Menu X is a desktop customized application for the users of Windows. It has been designed to bring the start button and menu for Windows 8. It provides flexible and customized options in start menu to enable the customization of options, functions and groups within the list of start menu. The users can also group the items in quick start option according to their usage. It also comes with strong search engine which searched the whole disk in few seconds. The start menu X is most suitable for Windows 8 and at the same time, it also provide options for menu replacement in Windows 7/XP/Vista for better convenience of users.

Change Log

It has fixed some minor bugs in program.

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