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Free download Sunbelt Personal Firewall

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Sunbelt Personal Firewall protects the system from hackers and malicious programs. It has complete security and a free software for users. It provides a good sense of security and filers the incoming as well as outgoing security in significant manner. The program will never compromise the personal information on system and safeguard the system in effective manner.


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The security is prime purpose of program and firewall security is provided significantly. The features are:

  • Supports several versions of Windows such as XP, Vista
  • Filters incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Safeguards the personal information from hackers and keep it private completely
  • Works in collaboration with different antivirus programs
  • Easy to use
  • Does not slows down the processes of system
  • Works in the background of system
  • Enhanced security with wide variety of features


The application has various program control configurations and provide good protection from malicious programs when advanced control is enabled. Sunbelt personal firewall has various features for the users and provides protection with its default settings of system. The application comes with an excellent documentation and explains everything about the working process of application. The naïve users can also use the application easily and detect the malicious programs for better safety of system.


There are so many popups when advanced program control is enabled. The prevention of firewall can be disabled by malicious software’s in an easy manner. It does not support Windows 9x. The drivers are not signed by Microsoft and users may get regular notifications for installation of drivers. There is also lack on uninstallation options in the program menu and it can only be done in control panel.

Bottom Line

Sunbelt Personal Firewall provides choice to the users i.e. limited program control and powerful control. This flexibility enables the user to make suitable choice according to the situation. Some features are disabled and can be enabled only in PRO version but the basic functions of personal firewall are sufficient for safety of system.

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Publisher’s Description

Sunbelt Personal Firewall protects from various threats and inspects incoming and outgoing connections so as to ensure the allowance of legitimate traffic. The MD5 signatures are also assigned to applications for prevention of system from Trojan horses and other untrusted applications. The kernel monitoring prohibits the installation of dangerous driver’s threats which may bypass the inspection of firewall. It also offers logging of suspicious activities, remote administration, overview of open connections and automatic update checker.

Change Log

The updated version of application has some bug fixes and enhancements. There is a significant improvement in the process of packet filtration. The network performance is also improved in considerable manner while web filtering is enabled. The updated version has enhanced process injection prevention which attempts in the DLL of Windows system. Various application crashes and in firewall service and assist.exe has been resolved. The application has enhanced support for Windows Vista. The issue of binary data appearing in logs has been resolved and overall, stability of product has been improved significantly.

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