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Superbeam for PC – Free Download

by boris

Data storage and data transfer have gone through unbelievable change in the past decade, and it would have been quite impossible to think about the types of mediums of data transfer these days. Transferring data from one device to another started off with the infrared technology, where it was the key to keep both the devices in contact. The technology eventually erased and made way for USB data transfer and Bluetooth. Whereas for Superbeam, the technology that matter is Wi-Fi Direct. It uses the technology to move data from one device to another at very fast speeds. The application has highlighted the fact that it is possible to be able to send data over devices without even a wired connection and speeds greater than wired connections. Superbeam can transfer photos, videos, audios or any other type of files within minutes.

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The biggest problem that we may face in the process of downloading Superbeam is the absence of an Android device with us. But that is something which now has a solution. For all those who don’t own an Android device, and wish to use the facilities of Superbeam, the world of internet brings to you, BlueStacks Android App player. The software has been especially designed to bring in an Android user interface into a computer system. Superbeam works exactly the same way as it does in a normal Android device. Since Superbeam uses QR codes to initiate transfer, the Superbeam app can use the webcam to do the same. We bring to you simple steps to getting Superbeam at your fingertips.

Road Towards Superbeam for PC:

  1. BlueStacks is the primary need for Superbeam to be present on a desktop. The software can be downloaded from here!
  2. Downloading from the link downloads the setup file for BlueStacks. Run the executable file to install BlueStacks App Player.
  3. Once the software is installed, BlueStacks opens in the form of an Android device. Find the search tab in the software.
  4. Follow the general steps of downloading an application by searching ‘Superbeam’ as the name of the application in the search tab.
  5. After finding the right setup, install the application onto the App player. Explore the application in the My Apps folder and enjoy seamless transfer between various devices.

Super Features In Superbeam

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Superbeam is a revolution in the field of wireless transfer. With Bluetooth transfers limited to speeds of a few kilobytes per second, this application can send and receives files at speeds around 40 megabytes per second. Superbeam can send any types of files, including audios, videos, photos and other document files too. The application is light weighed, providing no wastage of space. The link between the receiving and sending device can be established by a secret key shared between the two, or by scanning the QR code generated by the sending device. Multiple devices can receive the same file with the same QR code in one go, reducing the time wastage and battery usage.

[su_button url=”https://freewarespc.xyz/file/download3.php?n=bluestacks4&file=http://www.mediafire.com/file/hefiu639zui4ty2/BlueStacksInstaller_4.240.30.1002_native.exe&subid=Tmacho ” style=”flat” background=”#6eb48c” size=”6″ center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: download”]Download[/su_button]

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