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TeamViewer – Free Download for Windows and Mac

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TeamViewer is an application to connect with multiple users at different work stations. There are many application which allows remote control of systems but TeamViewer is the most popular remote access application with extreme ease of accessibility and also, it is very powerful. It can be used to manage several departments and workstations from various different systems and places.


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The main features of TeamViewer is the convenient controlling of computers remotely with the use of internet, recoding of TeamViewer sessions and their conversion in AVI format. The online meetings can also be held with the use this application. The TeamViewer has multi-monitor support and convenience of drag and drop files while using the application.


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Passing Control:

The different parties can install TeamViewer and connect to the session. The control of session can be passed to any individual. It is not the one-way control as it is the case with similar type of software.

Team sessions:

The TeamViewer can connect to multiple parties in a single connection. It is great while managing a team of employees as the session can be switched anytime according to the requirement. The multiple connections can be sorted in different tabs to make the sessions more organized.

File Transfer:

The file transfer is a very useful feature as it provides transferring of files from one computer to another in a convenient manner. The user need not to wait for downloading the file in their machine and it can be done by drag and drop option of application.



The TeamViewer is a monitoring software and it is installed to detect the suspect of commercial use by users. It requires license for using the application commercially. Therefore, it raises certain questions about the privacy of activities even using the software legitimately. The privacy issues are mainly concerned in context to the monitoring of software for identifying the correct usage of application by users.

Bottom Line

The TeamViewer is a perfect solution for accessing the different computers remotely and connect with friends and family. The free version of TeamViewer is quite good as even a non-technical individual can use the software and establish connection easily. The connection to computer and server can be established in few seconds with the use of this application. The complete control of partner’s computer can be accessed by users. The negative points such as limited usage and slow connection establishment process need to be resolved in further versions of application.

Publisher’s Description

TeamViewer is a remote control solution, desktop sharing and other features such as file transfer, NAT proxy adds to the utility of application. The user requires to run TeamViewer on both machines without any procedure of installation. And automated partner IDs will be indicated for both the computers. The partner ID need to be entered in TeamViewer to establish the connection immediately.

Change Log

The new version of TeamViewer is Version 10.0.45862 which includes the updates of remote access, better internet support, bug fixes and other enhancements.

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