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The Apple iTunes – Free Download

by boris

Since being launched for the first time, everyone knew the capability of the Apple iTunes. With its wide range of functionality options it easily qualifies to be more than just your basic music and video player. There is an enormous library at your behest including the Apple store to access amazing games and apps, ability to manage podcasts, sync options, creating backups, creating custom radio streams and streaming it to wireless devices configured and present on the network. The application also has the functionality to rip CD’s that you can use on your preferred media players.


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A free app that has brand new features

The developers have made the download of the iTunes 12 for free and as the standard practice followed by the organization, the iTunes 12 announcement and availability coincides with the updates dished out for iOS and the iOS X. A newer update means newer features and iTunes does not disappoint as it has the brand new Family Sharing feature in it.

Compatibility- A Basic Practice

For users of the Macintosh system, they need to have the Mac OS X 10.7.5 version or later in order to use the iTunes 12. The Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later version needs to be up and running Windows users.

A User Interface That Has Been Refurbished!


Apple has gotten rid of the 3D skeuomorphic look. In order to dish out a cleaner and neater look, icons and application buttons have been flattened. Now, users can access content formats through the drop down menu instead of the previous app buttons. The user icon has undergone a revamp and it looks fresh! It can be located on the right side of the option titled, ‘Now Playing.’

The USP of iTunes 12- The Cloud Family Sharing!

With the iTunes 12, Apple has unleashed the new feature that is the Cloud Family Sharing. It allows an entire household to make purchases through a single account. The single account is handled by the head of the household. The account becomes the one point contact for all media purchases. With such advancements, there is always a certain element of risk attached to it. If a child gets access to the account then there may be certain unwanted or unwarranted purchases made, hence Apple has made the functionality in such a way that the head (account holder) has to approve the purchase before it gets sanctioned. Security is hence intact!

The Best In Class App

An application that doubles up as a library, a CD ripper, a podcast manager and much more apart from being a media player is truly a master class. The Apple iTunes with its wide range of functionality and the aura of its interface definitely makes it worth the download.

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