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by boris

Unlocker is an amazing application to bypass various windows errors and access all restricted files and folders. It enables the user to access files and folders restricted by system files, DLL and handlers. The application unlocks the restricted files and folders for ease and convenience of users. The application conducts its working process in system background and does not disturb the existing processes of system. It also has an extensive option of Help and various tutorials to help the first time users. The application has been developed because of increasing windows error messages on system and annoys the users by restricting specific files and folders. The application has a structured interface and enables access to multiple restricted files and folders at the same time. It is very convenient to use and allows the user to get rid of annoying window error messages and access restricted files and folders easily.


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  • Easy and quick access
  • Addresses various windows error messages such as “Cannot access file”, “Access denies”, “Cannot delete file”, “File is used by other user” and similar errors given by Windows at the time of accessing restricted files and folders
  • Violations of sharing the files and folders can also be addressed by this application
  • Easy installation
  • Enhances convenience for users
  • Deletion and access of restricted files gets very easy for users at fast speed
  • The application works and ensures that selected files and folders are not being used currently when disc is not protected


The application has various advantages and easy to use. The access, modification and deletion of restricted files and folders gets very easy with the use of this application. It is a very usual problem that files are locked by DLL files, system processes and handlers. It gives window error messages and do not allow users to access that files and folders through any source within the system. Unlocker has the capability to eliminate these system processes and allow full access of restricted files and folders. The desired actions can be performed after unlocking the restrictions. Some errors may require restart of system and some may get resolved at the same time.


The application is not compatible with Vista, XP windows version.

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Bottom line

Unlocker is a utility application with several features of allowing access to restricted files and folders in system. The main objective of application is fulfilled for better access of users. Any type of windows error message restricting the files and folders can be resolved by this application. The application can be used directly from the explorer menu for enhanced convenience. The compatibility with earlier version of Windows is a minor problem of application.

Publisher’s Description

The utility of application is outstanding and resolves the issues of accessing restricted files and folders. The errors of access denies, violations of sharing files, used by other use etc. are resolved by application efficiently. The complete access of restricted files and folders can also be done from explorer extension and enables quick access.

Change Log

Some minor bug fixes along with behavior and memory bug fixes.

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