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Any Video Converter Free Download – Video Converting Was Never So Easy

by boris

The name says it all! It converts anything when it comes to video files. The software has a perfectly streamlined coding and technicality that easily converts all video files into multiple formats. If that is not all, the Any Video Converter enables downloading of videos from websites that are popular. The websites such as Youtube, Vimei and so on can be accessed to browse and have the videos downloaded from them through the Any Video Converter. To add to the goodies, developers have even taken into consideration and embedded DVD ripping functionality; so now you can easily rip DVD’s and play them over your preferred media player.

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Converting Was Never Easier

Any video converter is an extremely simple and straightforward application without any slip ups in the efficiency vertical. In order to convert the videos to a desired format the process is extremely simple. Just load the file to be converted in the software window and choose the type of format you want it to be converted to. Once these basic operations and clicking is done, you will have the video at your behest.

The developers have put a lot of brainstorming behind the technicality that keeps this application so smooth and efficient. The programming done makes sure that it accepts files and converts them to as many formats. With functionality of DVD ripping being included the software becomes a complete package.

The import tool of the software is very its the best feature. It has been found to be the best and a standout feature. The import tool helps you to browse for videos on multiple sites that are renowned for video sharing. After the video being browsed is located, you simply have to copy the URL of the respective video, paste it in the software in its rightful location and in no time (depending on your internet speed) you will have the video on your system.

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Just video conversion is not the objective of the software. It helps you to adjust the start and stop time, correct the AV codes, bitrates, adjust brightness and carry out various other tasks pertaining to the video. With so many positives in the software, the developers definitely had done a remarkable job.

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The user interface is extremely neat and informative as the labelling is done meticulously. Users carrying basic knowledge of the formats that are available for video files will find it extremely easy to use the software.

There is guide and a small online tutorial included in the software that helps users understand the basic outlook of the software. This is extremely ideal and a great practice.

The application is quite fantastic to say the least. The number of file formats it supports and the added functionalities that are present in it make it a class act! In our view, it is definitely a must download application for all people who want video conversions!

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